Online Resources

Here are some links that I've found useful in past.  I hope that you may like some of them, too!

Periodic Tables with good info and videos showing properties of the elements:

Free Lapbook:

Water Science:
(use with earth science or chemistry)


Chem lapbook and unit study:

How Fireworks work:


Sewage treatment:

Treating the Public Water Supply:

Changing plastic to oil:

How Stuff Works website (good for physics, etc., too):

How products are made:


Thomas Edison lapbook:


Robinsunne's Multiplication Clock:

MEP math curriculum:

Order of operations worksheets:

Charts and Graphs:

Online Space Science curriculum:

Earth/Sky Tonight:


Onlines Earth Science curriculum:

Dirt, the Movie:

Soil Science:

Lesson plans:

Geography 4 Kids:
(really covers geology)

Oregon State's earth science curriculum: (their website also has lots of videos, photos, games, etc.

Savage Earth, online:

Plate tectonics:


USGS Volcanoes:

Mineral information:

Minerals and Molecules (can be used with chemistry, too):

Biology resources:


Biology for Kids:

Drawing with Children, Nature Journal Style:

Nature Study using Comstock's book:

Hands-on Biology:

Cells Alive!

Immune Attack game:

Neuroscience for kids:


The Visual Dictionary:

Parts of a plant cell:

Parts of a plant:

Plant structure:

Real Trees 4 Kids:

Secrets of Plant Genomes:

Life science lesson plans:

The Great Plant Escape game:

Plant labeling:

Biomes and Ecosystems:

Classification (but it's outdated):


Kids Do Ecology:

Mixed Science:


The Story of Stuff (et al):

Science News for Kids:

How to Teach Science:

Forensic Science:

Medical Mysteries game:

Literature Study Guides:

Literary Elements and Devices (lessons):

Metaphor worksheets:

Lesson plans:

Mythology links:

Myths and legends teacher's info links:

Prehistoric Novels bibliography:

Baldwin Project, old books online:

Children's Books of the Ancient world, bibliography:

Online books:

International Children's Digital library (w/ picture books online, in color):

Early Modern poetry online:

Shakespeare Notebook pages:

Phrases coined by Shakespeare:


Ancient history:

Vikings Study Guide (5 lessons):

Viking ship construction:

Viking study and lapbook:


History's Happening!  Lessons for all historical time periods:

more history and lit:

Western tradition videos:

Make a medieval book:

Medieval games:

Middle Ages:

Norman Conquest:

British Battles (from Norman Conquest onward):

Conquest of Constantinople:

Discovery and Exploration Notebooking:

Timeline Index:

U.S. History using foldables (lapbooking):

U.S. Historical Maps:

American History AP Quizzes:

Voyageurs Study Guide:

Boston Tea Party Lapbook:

U.S. History Lesson Plans (also many other subjects):

Texas Indians Activity Guide:

American Revolution Lapbook:

Oregon Trail Lapbook:

World History Quiz:

British Kings and Queens Printables:



Study of India:

Tons of geography resources:

A wide variety of Lesson Plans for many, many topics:

Constitution Day Lessons for all grade levels:

Democracy in America lesson plans:

Art History/Appreciation Resources on the web:

Middle school art lesson plans:

Music appreciation:

Orchestra lapbook:

Philosophy for Children:


KISS grammar curriculum:

Language arts (lit, writing, grammar, etc.):

Bible Study for younger children

Free Lapbooks:
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