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Tutoring Ancient History and Geography

I am tutoring a young person in history and geography this year.  I only have a short time with them, once per week, so I am providing them with lots of books to read on topic during the week.  When they are with me, I am reviewing some of what they've read, using some of the SOTW chapter questions as well as my knowledge of some of the books they're read.  I am using the SOTW maps, but because they are so simple I'm also adding in others that I already own from various other sources.

Here are some of the readings thus far this year:

Pre-history - Intro to study of Archeology and History

Archaeologists Dig for Clues, Kate Duke

Archaeologists, Holly Cefrey

Hunt! Can You Survive the Stone Age? Julia Bruce

Life on Earth, Steve Jenkins

The Tree of Life, Peter Sis

Painters of the Caves, Patricia Lauber

Lucy Long Ago, Catherine Thimmesh

Story of the World (intro – what is history/archaeology)

You Wouldn’t Want to be a Mammoth Hunter! John Malam

The Ice Age Tracker’s Guide, Adrian Lister

11,000 Years Lost, Peni Griffin

Death Trap, The Story of the La Brea Tar Pits, Sharon Thompson

Ancient Agriculture, Michael Woods and Mary Woods – just chapters 1 and 2 for now….


I don't usually lump the study of one group all into one time frame, but the way SOTW covers all the different cultures that inhabitated/controlled Mesopotamia over time is just too disjointed for me, so I decided last time we did it to lump all the chapters together and then fill in with reminders as we study other cultures. It seemed to work well, so I'm doing it that way again. 
SOTW chs. 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 16, 17
After studying Mesopotamia, we'll come back and pick up the Old Kingdom period of Egypt (chs. 2 and 4) and then move on in a more normal fashion.

For extra reading regarding Mesopotamia, the first book covers all three major civilizations that lived in the region, so read that one if nothing else:

Ancient Mesopotamia, Virginia Schomp
Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia, Eva Bargallo

Kids Discover: Mesopotamia

Calliope: Mesopotamia the Land of Firsts
Mesopotamia: Iraq in Ancient Times, Peter Chrisp
Appleseeds (a Cobblestone Publication): Children in Ancient Mesopotamia
The Assyrians, Elaine Landau
The Sumerians, Elain Landau
The Gilgamesh saga:
Gilgamesh the Hero, Geraldine McCaughrean
and/or a trilogy of books by Ludmila Zeman (Gilgamesh the King; Revenge of Ishtar; Last Quest of G)
...and for the second week of this study:
Lugalbanda, the Boy who got Caught in a War, Kathy Henderson
You Wouldn't Want to be an Assyrian Soldier, Rupert Matthews
Chs. 1-3 of Joy Hakim's The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way
To Ride the God's Own Stallion, Diane Wilson (which was not a hit with this particular child, although my younger son loved it)
Week 4:  Old Kingdom Egypt
Voices of Ancient Egypt, Kay Winters

The Great Pyramid, Elizabeth Mann

The Sphinx, Bernard Evslin

Pharoah's Boat, David Weitzman

The Great Pyramid, Hazel Martell

Nat. Geo.: The Scorpion King:

Picture of the Narmer Palette:

Egyptian timeline (Nat. Geo.):

You Tube on Narmer:

Egyptian Myths, Jacqueline Morley

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Henry Barker

Gods and Goddesses in the Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians, Henrietta McCall
Chs. 2 and 4 of SOTW
...and for the second week of this study:
Calliope (Cobblestone) Science and Medicine in Ancient Egypt
The Star-Bearer: A Creation Myth from Ancient Egypt, Dianne Hofmeyr
Egyptian Treasures, Catherine Chambers
Ancient Egyptian People, Sarah McNeill
The Ancient Egyptians, Lila Perl
Ancient Egyptian Art, Susie Hodge
I think we're going to start a simple timeline next week, too, using mostly the review cards from SOTW, as well as some stickers, etc. that I have....
I hope someone finds this helpful!

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