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Ancient History and Geography

We've continued moving through the ancient world with a week's study of India and a couple of weeks spent on Ancient China.  We then detoured for a week from SOTW in order to study Megalithic Europe from the end of the Stone Age through the Bronze Age and into the beginnings of the Iron Age.  Next week, my student is going to take a look at the Aegean region and the Phoenicians.

Here are some of the books we've used for these studies:

(My library website creates bibliography lists now!)

Ancient India:

Ali, Daud.Ancient India.New York :Rosen Pub.,2009.

Bash, Barbara.In the heart of the village : the world of the Indian Banyan tree.San Francisco :Sierra Club Books,1996.
Demi.One grain of rice : a mathematical folktale.New York :Scholastic Press,c1997.
Ganeri, Anita.Hindu stories.Minneapolis :Picture Window Books,2006.
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Jani, Mahendra.What you will see inside a Hindu temple.Woodstock, Vt. :SkyLight Paths Pub.,2005.
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Shepard, Aaron.The gifts of Wali Dad : a tale of India and Pakistan.New York, N.Y. :Atheneum Books for Young Readers,c1995.
Souhami, Jessica.Rama and the demon king : an ancient tale from India.New York :DK Ink,1997.
Thornhill, Jan.The rumor : a Jataka Tale from India.Toronto, Ont. :Maple Tree Press,2002.
Wolf, Gita.The very hungry lion : a folktale.Toronto ;:Annick Press,c1996.
Plus SOTW ch. 9
Ancient China, Week I:
Beshore, George.Science in ancient China.New York :F. Watts,c1988.
China's first Emperor : Shi-Huangdi.Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,1997.
Daoism.Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,2000.
Demi.The greatest treasure.New York :Scholastic Press,1998.
The legend of Lao Tzu and the Tao te ching.New York :Margaret K. McElderry Books,2007.
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Demi.The magic boat.New York :Holt,c1990.
Demi.Su Dongpo : Chinese genius.New York :Lee & Low Books,c2006.
Demi.The boy who painted dragons.New York :Margaret K. McElderry Books,2007.
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Morley, Jacqueline.You wouldnt' want to work on the Great Wall of China! : defenses you'd rather not build.New York :Franklin Watts,2006.
O'Connor, Jane.The emperor's silent army : terracotta warriors of Ancient China.New York :Viking,c2002.
Plus SOTW ch. 10
Ancient Chine, Week II:
Casanova, Mary.The hunter : a Chinese folktale.New York :Atheneum Books for Young Reader,c2000.
Chang, Margaret Scrogin.The beggar's magic : a Chinese tale.New York :M.K. McElderry Books,c1997.
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Demi.The empty pot.New York :H. Holt,c1990.
Huang, Al Chung-liang.The Chinese book of animal powers.New
York :HarperCollinsPublishers,1999.
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Young, Ed.Mouse match : a Chinese folktale.San Diego :Silver Whistle,c1997.
Young, Ed.The lost horse : a Chinese folktale.San Diego :Silver Whistle/Harcourt Brace,c1998.
I also used a map I found at Scholastic for this second week, as well as some Chinese coins I have at home, and some things from the Ancient China Treasure Chest
(I wasn't really looking for a Kungfu Panda theme, but if you don't mind it, then some of the other activities might be usable, too):
Here's a set of shaped coins such as I have:
Premium Classic Shaped Chinese Coins (Set of 6)
I also have the more typical round coins which have been in use longer:
Chinese Antique Coin Replicas (Set of 8)
Treasure Chest:
Megalithic Europe:
Arnold, Caroline.Stone Age farmers beside the sea : Scotland's prehistoric village of Skara Brae.New York :Clarion Books,1997.
Heaney, Marie.The names upon the harp : Irish myth and legend.New York :Arthur A. Levine Books,c2000.
Hunter, Mollie.Gilly Martin the Fox.New York :Hyperion Books for Children,c1994.
In search of ancient Ireland [DVD].Visual Materials.PBS DVD Video ;,c2003.
Martell, Hazel.Myths and civilization of the Celts.New York :Peter Bedrick Books,1999.
Martell, Hazel.What do we know about the Celts?.New York :P. Bedrick Books,1993.
Matthews, Caitlin.Celtic memories.Cambridge, MA :Barefoot,2003.
Nimmo, Jenny.The witches and the singing mice.New York :Dial Books for Young Readers,1993.
Petrini, Catherine M.Stonehenge.Farmington Hills, MI :KidHaven Press,c2006.
Richardson, Hazel.Life of the ancient Celts.New York :Crabtree Pub. Co.,c2005.
Yolen, Jane.The Pictish child.San Diego :Harcourt, Inc.,1999.
In class, I used The First Europeans, Renzo Rossi and Andrea Due, to help me tell the story of the peoples who inhabited both mainland Europe and the British Isles/Ireland.  I will also be using this book again next week.
I also sometimes utilize 100 Greatest Archaeological Discoveries, Jacqueline Deneen.
Over the summer, I found this book on sale for a couple of bucks, so I purchased it for my student to take home, too:
Bodies from the Bog
Aegean Civilizations / Phoenicians:
Story of the World chs. 15 and 18
Balit, Christina.Atlantis : the legend of a lost city.New York :Holt,2000.
Byrd, Robert.The hero and the minotaur : the fantastic adventures of Theseus.New York :Dutton Children's Books,c2005.
Fisher, Leonard Everett.Theseus and the Minotaur.New York :Holiday House,c1988.
Hutton, Warwick.Theseus and the Minotaur.New York :M.K. McElderry Books,c1989.
Martin, Michael.Atlantis.Mankato, Minn. :Capstone Press,c2007.
Odijk, Pamela.The Phoenicians.Englewood Cliffs, N.J. :Silver Burdett Press,1989.
Rumford, James.There's a monster in the alphabet.Boston :Houghton Mifflin,2002.
Sutcliff, Rosemary.Black ships before Troy : the story of the Iliad.New York :Delacorte Press,2004, c1993.
The Minoans.Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,2000.
The Phoenicians.Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,1996.
The true story of Troy [DVD].Visual Materials.History Channel :,[2007].
Ventura, Piero.In search of ancient Crete.Morristown, N.J. :Silver Burdett,1985.
Yolen, Jane.Wings.San Diego :Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,c1991.
(I'm bringing in some Greek mythology that deals with Troy, Crete, etc. as well as some conjecture about Atlantis....)
We'll be finishing out this semester by taking a look at Ancient Africa, will finsh up Egyptian studies by taking a look at the Middle and New Kingdoms, then we'll be getting into our Greek studies....

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