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Anatomy and Physiology Reading for Week 1; Worksheets

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So sorry that the text of my posts is all wonky, with some being purple and some black, some large and some small.  I have no idea why this is occurring or I would attempt to correct it!  I just noticed it in looking back over the last couple of posts....

Here are a couple of books that my boys are using this year as a sort of base for their anatomy studies:

The Way We Work, David Macaulay

The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body

This book is written rather more simply than I would prefer, but contains a wealth of topical information that can be delved into further.  In fact, all the topical areas listed in my first set of notes that I just posted came from chapter one of this book.

By Giunti editorial group, and I've already found quite a few typos in it just in the chapter on histology, so you might find a much better encyclopedia than this.  I was just looking for something that had good, large color illustrations....

They read chapter 1 of TWWW and the chapter on cells and tissues (histology) from the anatomy book in preparation for the first class.

Another books whose pictures I like is The Human Body Identification Manuel, The Global Book Group:

The Human Body Identification Manual: Your Body and How It Works

After the first class, I sent them some additional reading/viewing suggestions related to the topics we covered in class:

A Brain Pop on diffusion:
This is an experiment using an egg and different substances to observe diffusion.  
This video has info regarding diffusion at minute 6:50 through 9:30:
If you'd like to read more about the cell membrane, osmosis, and facilitated diffusion, go to this page and click on the teaching guide down near the bottom of the page (color pictures):
We have not yet talked about Endocytosis, which is included at the end of this last reading, but should be getting to it as we talk about organelles (also Exocytosis and Pinocytosis)....
Here are some great diagrams of the cell membrane, in color:
Handouts for first class:
Facilitated Diffusion
I can't find a copy of the worksheet I am using regarding real life applications of osmosis, but here is a website with lots of info (be sure to click on the pages showing how it works and real life applications, too)....
And, again, with the cellular transport worksheet I used, I can't find it online, but here is a slightly more complex one:
There's another available at Lesson Planet, but you have to join to obtain it:
Cell Membrane coloring:
This is not the exact one that I used, but there are many such worksheets (and full color illustrations if your student isn't into coloring) on the web:
Good color illustrations:

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