Thursday, July 28, 2011

Notes on Ninth Grade Health Class....

For covering health, I'm looking at using some books I have at home, such as The Way WE Work; a Nat. Geo. book entitled Body: The Complete Human; a Nat. Geo. book entitled The Incredible Machine; and maybe even a book entitled Medicine: A Treasury of Art and Literature (looking at how medical and health care have evolved over time).

I've pulled a bunch of online lesson plans for various topics, too:

Health (the ones for high school)

...and a variety of other
health related topics

First Aid

(And I want him to take CPR/First Aid courses, too....)

Tobacco Awareness Issues

Parasites and Disease

Sex Ed Topics (perhaps, haven't reviewed yet)


Sexual Harassment

Health Occupations

The Movie Supersize Me

Lesson Plans to go with that movie

Michael Pollan's books; the movie The Future of Food; the book Seeds of Deception

I haven't organized these into any meaningful order of usage yet.  I also want to look at a high school health curriculum entitled "Total Health" to see if I want to integrate it into my plans:


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