Sunday, July 10, 2011

Physics Readings for Younger Students....

Following are some books that we used for physics study in fourth grade.  Some of these are simpler and can be read alone easily by even younger kids.  Some would be better as read alouds (such as the Asimov books, perhaps).

Year 4 Physics Books:


Stephen Hawking, Harry Henderson
Light, Gallimard Jeunesse, et al
Fires in the Sky: The Birth and Death of Stars, Roy Gallant


Big Bang, Heather Comper, et al


The Science Book of Gravity, Neil Ardley
Motion and Gravity, Jeanne Bendick
Gravity is a Mystery, Franklyn Branley
Which Way is Up?  Gail Haines

Force and Energy:

Energy and Forces, Neil Ardley
Making Things Move, Neil Ardley
Force and Machines, Terry Jennings
The Forces With You,  Tom Johnson
The Science of a Spring, John Stringer

Nuclear Energy:

How Did We Find Out About Nuclear Power?  Isaac Asimov
Inside the Atom, Isaac Asimov
Atomic Energy, Irving Adler
Quarks and Sparks: The Story of Nuclear Power, J.S. Kidd


Earth: Origin and Evolution, Anna Alessandrello


What Magnets Can Do, Allan Fowler
Electricity and Magnetism, Maria Gordon
Magnetism:  What it is and how Man has used it From Ancient Times to the Present, Raymond Holden
Magnets and Generators, Peter Lafferty

Quantum Theory: Relativity:

The Ideas of Einstein, David Fisher
Albert Einstein and Relativity, Steve Parker
Relativity: From Einstein to Black Holes, Gerald Tauber
It’s All Relative, Necia Aptel


Solids and Liquids and Gases: From Super-conductors to the Ozone Layer, Melvin Berger
Atoms and Elements, David Bradley
What is the World Made Of?  All About Solids, Liquids and Gases, Kathleen Zoehfeld
Changing Things, Robin Kerrod


Why Doesn’t the Earth Fall Up? And Other not Such Dumb Questions About Motion, Vicki Cobb


The Science Book of Sound, Neil Ardley
Sound Waves to Music, Neil Ardley
The Science of Music, Melvin Berger


Push and Pull, Jack Challoner
Windmills, Bridges and Old Machines: Discovering our Industrial Past, David Weitzman
Ancient Machines: From Wedges to Waterwheels, Michael Woods
It Works Like This: A Collection of Machines From Nature and Science Magazine, Thomas Aylesworth, ed.


Hot and Cold, Irving Adler
Heat and Drought, Lionel Bender


The Science of a Light Bulb, Neville Evans
The Light Bulb, Joseph Wallace
The Story of Light, Irving Adler
Light and Sound, Jonathan Allday
Light and Color, L.W. Anderson
Light, Neil Ardley
Day Light, Night Light: Where Light Comes From, Franklyn Branley
Prisms and Lenses, Jerome Meyer
Rainbows and Lasers, Kathryn Whyman

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