Thursday, August 11, 2011

Curriculum I'm using for Eighth Grade....

I have already posted working lists for our history/lit studies for the upcoming year, as well as an outline of many of the things we'll be doing in science:

I thought I'd go ahead and list at least some of the items we'll be using for the rest of our studies this year, too:


Structure and Method, Book 1, Brown, Dolciani, et al - beginning class this year with a tutor reviewing last year's work.

Algebra and Trigonometry, Structure and Method, Book 2, Brown, Dolciani, et al - beginning Algebra II studies this year after review is completed.

Reviewing and reinforcing at home with VideoText Interactive series (because I already own it)....


Beginning the year with a United Learning curriculum on world religions which includes videos, a learning guide, and worksheets for each religion covered.  Continuing with Bible Prophecy for Blockheads, Douglas Connelly; The Prayer of Jabez, Devotions for Kids, Bruce Wilkinson; World Faiths: Judaism, Trevor Barnes; The Usborne Book of World Religions, Susan Meredith; How the Bible Came to Us, Meryl Doney; and finishing off the year with At Home with Jesus, Devotions for Children, Joslyn Wiechmann Moldstad (Lutheran Aid Society).


I'm using various atlases (I LOVE all those by John Haywood!) and map work from a variety of sources, but am also doing some review and reinforcement using some workbooks such as Maps, Globes, Graphs, as well as some Which Way USA? books for western states we have not used in past (for a little fun).  He will continue memory work regarding states and capitals, etc.

Language Arts:

We are continuing with Vocabulary for the College Bound;  reviewing and continuing with Easy Grammar Plus, and also adding in the new Easy Grammar Ultimate series workbook for grade 8.  I am still casting about for what I will do to cover writing at home, as I'm not sure yet what sorts of writing assignments will be made for the outside writing through lit class my son will take.  I do have his list of books for that course and they include:

The Call of the Wild
The Screwtape Letters
Pilgrim's Progress (A New Translation in Today's English)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
A Christmas Carol
Amos Fortune
Robinson Crusoe
My Side of the Mountain
Tom Sawyer
To Kill a Mockingbird
A Separate Peace


We are finishing up Latin Primer III during the first few weeks of school, and then my son will embark on the first of the Latin Grammar books for the remainder of the year.  He is continuing with an outside Spanish class once a week.  They are using Barron's Spanish Now! this year.  He will also do some workbook and online work for me at home.


I have pulled the old edition of Introductory Logic that my older son used years ago.  I didn't like the redesigned book I started last year, got bogged down, and ended up dropping it for the year.  I am hopeful that I can make adjustments to the way we're approaching this and manage to stick with it this year. 

I think that just about covers everything.  We had our first day of school today and all proceeded smoothly, which is always promising....  Hope everyone else's school year goes well, too!

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