Monday, October 3, 2011

Things We've Been Reading (Week 7, 2011)....

Following are some of the books my son read, videos watched, books on tape listened to, etc. during travel or hotel times while we were on our trip last week:

From The American Experience series, Ric Burns: "The Way West: The Approach of Civilization 1865-1869," narrated by Russell Baker.

American Experience: The Way West DVD 2PK -

Red River City, a 3-D story frieze, Raymond Elson and Rosemary Woods.

Red River City: A 3-Dimensional Story Frieze With Punch-Out Characters
Buffalo Bill, D'Aulaires.

Listened to Annie Oakley, Kunstler.

Annie Oakley

In addition to looking at what was going on in the American West during the period following the Civil War, he also read through some info covering events occurring in other countries during that time period.  He read Story of the World chapters 9-14, and finished up through chapter 30 in History of US, volume 7. 

He read several stories not covered before from Usborne's Victorian Ghost Stories, Felicity Brooks, and also read Kate Culhane (another ghost story), Michael Hague.

Victorian Ghost Stories

Kate Culhane: A Ghost Story

He completed Little Lord Fauntleroy and really enjoyed it.  He then began reading A Little Princess, also by Burnett.

Just for fun, we also began listening to Coraline.


He also read through Simple Machines, Deborah Hodge, and finished up with The Clock, Wil Mara.

       The Clock

He had more lit work to do this last week than he's ever had for this class before (of course, because we were on vacation, LOL!).  He's reading and working on The Screwtape Letters right now.  Since this is a favorite of mine, I'm having fun hearing about the writing assignments and discussing them with him, too!

We're trying to get back into our routine today (Monday), but we've had a kink thrown into the works as my washer stopped working after one load last night!  A repairman finally came to my rescue at about 7 and got it going again - thank goodness.  I have his card, just in case....


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