Saturday, February 18, 2012

What week is it? Oh, 23 (2012)... I've Been Confused all Week!

We're trying to finish up readings related to World War II.  I've been reading The Airmen's War, Marrin, all week (LOVE his work!):

Albert Marrin

My son continued with Code Talkers, History of US (last part of volume 9) and read chapters 30 and 31 of Story of the World.  I'm anxious for him to move on - he's been dawdling in his reading the past couple of weeks.  He's still reading Anne Frank, as well....

We're moving on to the repatriation of Israel next week.  He started reading a book for religion last week that we're continuing through the time period of Israeli studies: World of Faiths: Judaism, Trevor Barnes:

Judaism (World Faiths)

In science work, he has been doing some chemistry related work in his co-op class.  They've been testing the dissolving power of bleach; doing pH tests on many acid and base substances from around the house; and working with color changing and precipitate producing substances in class.  They also made glow in the dark putty a week or so ago.  They worked in class this week with color changing markers.  We're still growing crystals at home, too....

In my physical science class at home, we finished talking about magnets this past week, then moved on to work through the Science in a Nutshell kit Electrical Connections.  They should finish that next week and start work on building various electrical gadgets for which I have kits. 

My son read Light and Sound, Robert Snedden, and Magnetism: From Pole to Pole, Christopher Cooper:

Sound and Light      Magnetism: From Pole to Pole (Science Answers)

Some of the kits they'll be using for electricity related work:

Electric Bell Kit

(I have the older, mini-tech series kits, but I don't think they are available now and there are many similar kits available in the Slinky brand series....)

Wild Goose Sparks and Zaps!  (Static Electricity)

Item image

Deluxe Electronics Lab - Build 20 Amazing Projects
Other classes proceeded as usual.  We didn't have a field trip this week, so had a chance to catch up on more reading time.  The outside lit class study on Robinson Crusoe is ending and my son will begin reading Tom Sawyer for next week.

I have been sucked into Pinterest this weekend.  I have an interest in using it to create boards of ideas for study of different subjects, including a lot of resources that we used when the boys were younger....


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