Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 24! (2012)

I'm embroiled in a couple of projects right now and didn't have a chance to post over the weekend.  I'm just going to post a couple of highlights of things we covered last week in history and science, as most other things are proceeding per usual right now:

In addition to completing several books already started (which I've detailed the past couple of weeks), we began reading about the re-establishment of the state of Israel following World War II and the resulting Arab-Israeli conflict that continues today.

I read excerpts from the Usborne Atlas of the 20th Century, Kingfisher Encyclopedia, and our Haywood Atlas of the 20th Century.  I also read excerpts from Causes and Consequences of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Stewart Ross. 

Causes and Consequences of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

I am currently reading Israel: The Founding of a Modern Nation, Maida Silverman (which includes Jewish history from the time of Moses, forward), and Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood, Ibtisam Barakat.  The first is written from the point of view of a Jewish repatriate and the latter is written from the point of view of a Palestinian who grew up during the early years of conflict following the formation of the new Jewish state of Israel.  These are both simple books that could easily be read by children, but because my son is behind in his reading right now, I didn't want to pile more books on at this time....

Israel: the Founding of a Modern NationIbtisam Barakat Tasting the Sky

In addition to his outside science class, in our class at home we made and tested an electromagnet, then talked about how electricity is generated in our area and worldwide, its importance, etc.

My son read:

Science at Work: Light: Prisms, Rainbows, and Colors, Gina Hamilton

Light: From Sun to Bulbs, Christopher Cooper

Playing with Magnets, Gary Gibson

...and he's working on The Usborne Young Scientist: Electricity, Philip Chapman....

    Light: From Sun to Bulbs (Science Answers)

Electricity (The Usborne Young Scientist…Playing with Magnets (Fun Science Projects)
He also continued working through several worksheets on electricity from his physical science workbook:

Science Tutor: Physics cover

I believe his outside chemistry lab class begins within the next week or so....

Other new books in our arsenal right now include an Evan Moore geography workbook on Europe:


And in religion he began reading through The Usborne Book of World Religions:

The Usborne Book of World Religions (World Religions (Usborne))

I think that pretty much covers the new items in our work week!


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