Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 34 - 2012

Back to work!  It's difficult with summer-like weather, public school kids getting inexplicable day-long breaks so near the end of their own school year, and our focus on the changes coming for next year, but work we did....

My son finished the last of the three modules of Videotext that comprise Algebra I work.  This was used over the course of the year as review and drill work for him.  He will continue with his math tutor until the last week of May, where they are working on Algebra II topics.

He is continuing to read through the At Home Devotionals and seems to be enjoying them.  He continues with Huck Finn, as well.

We're continuing to review his vocabulary work with the use of online flashcards and study sets (spelling, matching words to their definitions, testing), and we're finishing up work and review in both his Easy Grammar texts.

His outside literature class and the writing it entails has ended, but he has been doing some writing at home for me related to Cold War topics (and next will be some government related topics). 

He is nearing the end of his work in Latin Grammar I.  I think he has decided to study Latin in high school next year, as well.  If he then decides he doesn't like it, he can always switch back to Spanish and still get in three years of that.

He has one more outside Spanish class, and we're all going to eat at a Cuban restaurant we discovered earlier in the year that we like.  We'll then finish up the year with the workbook I've been using at home for reinforcement.

I believe that his outside geography club will meet next week.  We missed last time because of testing.

In history, we've been studying the time period of the 80's and the end of the Cold War Era (and what that meant for many countries around the world).  We started with readings from some of our usual suspects:  Usborne's atlas, Haywood's atlas, and Remember the Ladies

From Words that Built a Nation, I read Reagan's Farewell Address and we talked about his Star Wars initiative.

I read just the end from The Cold War, Taylor, regarding detente through the break-up of the USSR, as well as a bit about spying.  I also read Spies and Spying, Potter, and we discussed.

The Cold War (20th Century Perspectives)    Spies and Spying: Intermediate (ELT Readers)

My son read chapters 38 - 40 in Hakim's volume 10, as well as chapters 39 - 41 in Story of the World.  He also finished up his reading in See How They Run and continued with The Presidents.  He's currently completing several worksheets daily related to civics and government topics, as well.  He read through a pamphlet put out by our county government on good neighbor policies and we discussed the covenant for our neighborhood and rules that govern people living together at all levels of society. 

On the science front, he attended his last chemistry lab.  At home, they selected a robot style and worked on building a K'nex motorized robot while I read excerpts from Artificial Intelligence, Philip Margulies, and we discussed.

K'nex Control-a-bot Radio Control Robotic Building Set,63155

(This looks like an updated version of the kit we have....)

Artificial Intelligence by Phillip Margulies (2003, Hardcover) Image

As an aside, here's a pic of my newly blooming, shade loving clematis, too!

My son continued with his weekly bowling outing on Wednesday.  His youth group was able to use some of the free game coupons they've given him last weekend, as they all went bowling together.  We've also been busy trying to help out some members of our church for the past couple of weeks during what has been a very sad time for all of us.  We're almooooooost to summer....


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