Monday, June 4, 2012

Online Reading for Physics....

I used a lot of online info for our physics class this year, so I wanted to pull it all together in one place.  Hopefully, most of these links will be valid for a while and helpful to others!

These are in order by the topics as we covered them throughout the year.  I didn't use online sources for absolutely every topic (electricity or optics, for example), but did use quite a few of them for other topics....


More on Bubbles/Foams:

Simple Machines:

Website to explore simple and then compound machines:

Archimedes’s Screw:'_screw

Compound Machine (Rube Goldberg):

About Rube Goldberg:

Read about / look at examples of Rube Goldberg Machines:

Easy steps for making a Rube Goldberg device:

World record just set by Purdue University engineering dept. for most steps to blow up and pop a balloon (300):


...and on the same topic of bicycles, here's more on wheels and axles, too:

Different types of gears:

...and there's a quiz after they read this page:

And here's a very good page with lots of links to info on gears in general and clocks in particular. It also includes some activities:

Rader's Physics 4 Kids as a good all-round reading site:

Force and Motion:

Potential and Kinetic Energy:

A body (or bodies) in motion tend to stay in motion....
Newtonian Physics:
Mechanical Waves:
Games and info on Einstein:
Flashcards for review of waves:

You can go through them online, too....

More info on waves for review:

These sort of look like a powerpoint presentation in slide form....

Green flashes (light waves):
Two online magnet quizzes:
Info on magnets:
Here's info on building various Lego robots:
Here's another sort of "robot." It's a balloon powered nano-rover:

Here's something to do with those bubbles (a bubble powered rocket):

More info from NASA on robotics:

And here's a site you can use to learn about robotic engineering:

Here's info on artificial intelligence:

Hope at least some of these are helpful!


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Cori said...

Wow, thank you! I found your blog from WTM boards. I'm also loving Charlotte Mason and living books, but my son loves science and math. I'm adjusting my plans to suit him. This will really help.

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