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Ancient History and Geography

What sorts of things have my student and I been doing since last I posted?  Here are a list of the library book and other suggestions I've made regarding our readings.  Remember, we last left off at
Ancient China, having covered the chapters on the Jewish peoples first.  We next picked up with SOTW ch. 11, covering Ancient Africa:

Anderson, David A.The origin of life on earth : an African creation myth.Mt. Airy, MD. :Sights Productions,c1991.
Arnott, Kathleen.African myths and legends.New York :H.Z. Walck,1963.
Barr, Gary.History and activities of the West African kingdoms.Chicago, Ill. :Heinemann Library,c2007.
Courlander, Harold.The fire on the mountain : and other Ethiopian stories.New York :Holt,1950.
Day, Nancy Raines.The lion's whiskers : an Ethiopian folktale.New York :Scholastic,c1995.
Haley, Gail E.A story, a story : an African tale.New York :Aladdin Books,1988, c1970.
Hull, Robert.Stories from West Africa.Austin, Tex. :Raintree Steck-Vaughn,c2000.
Kaula, Edna Mason.African village folktales.Cleveland :World Pub. Co.,1968.
Lottridge, Celia Barker.The name of the tree : a bantu folktale.New York :M.K. McElderry Books,c1990.

Medearis, Angela Shelf.Too much talk.Cambridge, Mass. :Candlewick Press,1995.
Mooney, Carla.Amazing Africa : projects you can build yourself.White River Junction, Vermont :Nomad Press,c2010.
Sherrow, Victoria.Ancient Africa : archaeology unlocks the secrets of Africa's past.Washington, D.C. :National Geographic Society,c2007.
Sonneborn, Liz.The ancient Kushites.New York :Franklin Watts,c2005.
The Lion's whiskers and other Ethiopian tales.North Haven, Conn. :Linnet Books,1997.
Washington, Donna L.A pride of African tales.New York :HarperCollinsPublishers,2004.

Then we concluded our studies of Egypt by covering the Middle and New Kingdom periods, using SOTW chs. 12 and 13:

Andronik, Catherine M.Hatshepsut, his majesty, herself.New York :Atheneum,c2001.
Biesty, Stephen.Egypt in spectacular cross-section.New York :Scholastic Nonfiction,c2005.
Bower, Tamara.The shipwrecked sailor : an Egyptian tale with hieroglyphs.New York :Atheneum Books for Young Readers,c2000.
Hartland, Jessie.How the sphinx got to the museum.Maplewood, NJ :Blue Apple Books,2010.
Hatshepsut : Egypt's woman king.Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,2008.
Hawass, Zahi A.Tutankhamun : the mystery of the boy king.Washington, D.C. :National
McCaughrean, Geraldine.Casting the gods adrift : a tale of ancient Egypt.Chicago :Cricket Books,c2003.
Morley, Jacqueline.You wouldn't want to be cursed by King Tut! : a mysterious death you'd rather avoid.New York :Franklin Watts,2012.

Morley, Jacqueline.Egyptian myths.Lincolnwood (Chicago), Ill. :Peter Bedrick Books,c1999.
Osiris : ruler of the dead.Peterborough, N.H. :Cobblestone Publishing Co.,2011.
Quie, Sarah.Myths and civilization of the ancient Egyptians.New York :Peter Bedrick Books,1998.
Tanaka, Shelley.Secrets of the mummies : uncovering the bodies of ancient Egyptians.New York :Hyperion Books for Children,1999.
Williams, Marcia.Ancient Egypt : tales of gods and pharaohs.Somerville, Mass. :Candlewick Press,2011.
Woods, Michael.Ancient agriculture : from foraging to farming.Minneapolis :Runestone Press,c2000.

We then picked up with SOTW ch. 15, which covered the Phoenicians.  We looked at other island and coastal peoples as well, such as the Minoans (SOTW ch. 18) and talked about the myth of Atlantis:
Balit, Christina.Atlantis : the legend of a lost city.New York :Holt,2000.
Front Cover


Byrd, Robert.The hero and the minotaur : the fantastic adventures of Theseus.New York :Dutton Children's Books,c2005.

Fisher, Leonard Everett.Theseus and the Minotaur.New York :Holiday House,c1988.

Hutton, Warwick.Theseus and the Minotaur.New York :M.K. McElderry Books,c1989.

Martin, Michael.Atlantis.Mankato, Minn. :Capstone Press,c2007.

Odijk, Pamela.The Phoenicians.Englewood Cliffs, N.J. :Silver Burdett Press,1989.

Rumford, James.There's a monster in the alphabet.Boston :Houghton Mifflin,2002.

Sutcliff, Rosemary.Black ships before Troy : the story of the Iliad.New York :Delacorte Press,2004, c1993.

The Minoans.Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,2000.

The Phoenicians.Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,1996.

The true story of Troy [DVD].Visual Materials.History Channel :,[2007].

Ventura, Piero.In search of ancient Crete.Morristown, N.J. :Silver Burdett,1985.

Yolen, Jane.Wings.San Diego :Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,c1991.

Since we had already covered the peoples of Mesopotamia quite a bit, I tried to find some different Persian tales as we covered SOTW chs. 16 and 17 on Assyria and Babylon, then chapter 21 on the Medes and Persians:

DePaola, Tomie.The legend of the persian carpet.New York :G.P. Putnam's Sons,c1993.
Fletcher, Susan.Shadow spinner.New York, N.Y. :Atheneum Books for Young Readers,1998.
Gerstein, Mordicai.Queen Esther the morning star.New York :Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,c2000.
Hofmeyr, Dianne.The stone : a Persian legend of the Magi.New York :Farrar, Straus and Giroux,1998.
McVitty, Walter.Ali Baba and the forty thieves.New York :Abrams,1989.
Nardo, Don.Ancient Persia.San Diego :Blackbirch Press,c2004.
Paleček, Libuše.The magic grove : a Persian folktale.Natick, MA :Picture Book Studio USA :,c1985.
Schomp, Virginia.The ancient Persians.New York :Marshall Cavendish Benchmark,c2010.
Tarnowska, Wafá.The seven wise princesses : a medieval Persian epic.New York :Barefoot Books,c2000.

The rise and fall of Persia.Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,2006.
Wolkstein, Diane.The Red Lion : a tale of ancient Persia.New York :Crowell,c1977.

We turned to the early Greeks with SOTW chs. 19 and 20, beginning to look at a lot of Greek mythology:

Chrisp, Peter.Ancient Greece revealed.London ;:DK Pub.,2003.
Chrisp, Peter.Ancient Greece.Chicago, IL :World Book in Association with Two Can,c1998.
Crosher, Judith.Technology in the time of ancient Greece.Austin, Tex. :Raintree Steck-Vaughn,c1998.
Fanelli, Sara.Mythological monsters of ancient Greece.Cambridge, Mass. :Candlewick Press,c2002.
Gay, Kathlyn.Science in ancient Greece.New York :F. Watts,c1988.
Knowlton, Jack.Books and libraries.[New York, NY] :HarperCollins,c1991.
Macdonald, Fiona.You wouldn't want to be a slave in ancient Greece! : a life you'd rather not
have.New York :Franklin Watts,c2001.

Macdonald, Fiona.I wonder why Greeks built temples and other questions about Ancient Greece.New York :Kingfisher,1997.
McCaughrean, Geraldine.Odysseus.Chicago :Cricket Books,c2004.
McCaughrean, Geraldine.Theseus.Chicago, Ill. :Cricket Books,c2005.
Minnis, Ivan.You are in ancient Greece.Chicago, Ill. :Raintree,c2005.
Steele, Philip.Ancient Greece.New York :Kingfisher ;,c2011.
Woff, Richard.Bright-eyed Athena : stories from ancient Greece.Los Angeles :J. Paul Getty Museum,c1999.
We then took a couple of weeks to study chs. 22 - 25 in SOTW, covering the time period of classical Greece and including versions of the Odyssey and more mythology (we already covered the Iliad when we read about the Phoenicians and Minoans and other seafaring peoples (Troy, etc.) :
Baker, Rosalie.Ancient Greeks.
Burrell, Roy E. C.The Greeks.Oxford ;:Oxford University Press,1990, c1989.
Caper, William.Ancient Greece : an interactive history adventure.Mankato, Minn. :Capstone
Chrisp, Peter.Alexander the Great : the legend of a warrior king.New York :Dorling Kindersley Pub.,c2000.
Coats, Lucy.The hero's spear.London :Orion Children's Books,2010.

Coats, Lucy.The fire breather.London :Orion Children's Books,2010.
Coats, Lucy.The dragon's teeth.London :Orion Children's Books,2010.
Coats, Lucy.The sailor snatchers.London :Orion Children's Books,2010.
Coats, Lucy.The one-eyed giant.London :Orion Children's Books,2010.
Coats, Lucy.The flying horse.London :Orion Children's Books,2010.
Crosher, Judith.Technology in the time of ancient Greece.Austin, Tex. :Raintree Steck-Vaughn,c1998.
Curlee, Lynn.Mythological creatures : a classical bestiary : tales of strange beings, fabulous creatures, fearsome beasts, & hideous monsters from ancient Greek mythology.New York :Atheneum Books for Young Readers,c2008.
D'Aulaire, Ingri.Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire's Book of Greek myths.Garden City, N.Y. :Doubleday,1962.
Descamps-Lequime, Sophie.The ancient Greeks : in the land of the Gods.Brookfield, Conn. :Millbrook Press,c1992.
Ford, Michael.You wouldn't want to be a Greek athlete! : races you'd rather not run.New York :F. Watts,2004.

Gay, Kathlyn.Science in ancient Greece.New York :F. Watts,c1988.
Gow, Mary.Archimedes : mathematical genius of the ancient world.Berkeley Heights, NJ :Enslow Publishers,c2005.
Hull, Robert.Trade & warfare.North Mankato, Minn. :Sea to Sea Publications,2007.
James, John.How we know about the Greeks.New York :P. Bedrick Books,1997.
Krensky, Stephen.Conqueror and Hero.New York :Little Brown and Company,1981.
Lasky, Kathryn.The librarian who measured the earth.Boston :Little, Brown,c1994.

Lassieur, Allison.The ancient Greeks.New York :Franklin Watts,c2004.
Lexau, Joan M.Archimedes takes a bath.New York :Crowell,(1969).

Lim, Jun.Socrates : the public conscience of Golden Age Athens.New York :Rosen Pub. Group,2006.
Martell, Hazel.Myths and civilization of the ancient Greeks.New York :Peter Bedrick Books,1998.
Middleton, Haydn.Ancient Greek jobs.Chicago, Ill. :Heinemann Library,c2003.
Middleton, Haydn.Ancient Greek women.Chicago, Ill. :Heinemann Library,c2003.
Napoli, Donna Jo.Treasury of Greek mythology : classic stories of gods, goddesses, heroes & monsters.Washington, D.C. :National Geographic Society,c2011.
Odijk, Pamela.The Greeks.Englewood Cliffs, N.J. :Silver Burdett Press,1989.
Oliver, Clare.The ancient Greeks.Bath, UK :Parragon Pub.,2002.
Rutland, Jonathan.See inside an ancient Greek town.New York :Warwick Press,1979.
Schomp, Virginia.The ancient Greeks.New York :Marshall Cavendish Benchmark,c2008.
Townsend, Michael.Michael Townsend's amazing Greek myths of wonder and blunders.New
York :Dial Books for Young Readers,c2010.
Windrow, Martin.The Greek hoplite.New York :Franklin Watts,1985.
Woff, Richard.Bright-eyed Athena : stories from ancient Greece.Los Angeles :J. Paul Getty Museum,c1999.

Barber, Antonia.Apollo & Daphne : masterpieces of Greek mythology.Los Angeles :J. Paul Getty Museum,1998.
Bryant, Megan E.Oh my gods! : a look-it-up guide to the gods of mythology.New York, NY :F. Watts/Scholastic,c2010.
Hoena, B. A.Athena.Mankato, Minn. :Capstone Press,c2003.
Kelly, Sophia.What a beast! : a look-it-up guide to the monsters and mutants of mythology.New York :F. Watts/Scholastic,c2010.
Lasky, Kathryn.Hercules : the man, the myth, the hero.New York :Hyperion Books for Children,c1997.
McCall, Gerrie.Classical myths.New York :Gareth Stevens Pub.,2011.
O'Connor, George.Olympians. [3], Hera, the goddess and her glory.New York :First Second,2011.
O'Connor, George.Olympians. [1], Zeus, king of the gods.New York :First Second,c2010.
Richardson, Adele.Hades.Mankato, Minn. :Capstone Press,c2003.

Here are some games and things to look at regarding the ancient Greeks: (I thought they got a laurel stem to make a wreath for their head!)

We then took a detour to the Americas with SOTW ch. 26...:

Albert, Burton.Journey of the nightly jaguar : inspired by an ancient Mayan myth.New York, N.Y. :Atheneum Books for Young Readers,c1996.
Burleigh, Robert.Chocolate : riches from the rainforest.New York :Harry N. Abrams,c2002.
Crandell, Rachel.Hands of the Maya : villagers at work and play.New York :Henry Holt and Company,2002.
Fisher, Leonard Everett.Gods and goddesses of the ancient Maya.New York :Holiday House,1999.
Glubok, Shirley.The art of the Plains Indians.New York :Macmillan,[1975].
Johnston, Tony.The tale of Rabbit and Coyote.New York :Putnam's,c1994.
Mora, Pat.The night the moon fell : a Maya myth.Toronto :Douglas & McIntyre ;,c2000.
Pickering, Robert B.The people.Brookfield, Conn. :Millbrook Press,c1996.
Pitkänen, Matti A.The grandchildren of the Incas.Minneapolis :Carolrhoda Books,1991.
The Olmecs : America's oldest civilization (1300-400 B.C.).Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,2004.
Warren, Scott S.Cities in the sand : the ancient civilizations of the Southwest.San Francisco :Chronicle Books,1992.
Woods, Geraldine.Science of the early Americas.New York :Franklin Watts,c1999.

And here's one more I found on the Makah: J970.3 M289e, The Makah, Jeanne Eder
and here's another on the Anasazi (Archaic period dates into several thousand years BC):

J 970.3 P962fi, Anasazi, Leonard Everett Fisher

Here are some related websites:
Ancient Aleutians: (tribes like the Makah probably developed from such groups....)
Lost pyramids of Caral (oldest city in the Americas, in Peru - these people may have been ancestors of the Inca): BBC film in 5 parts:
A creation legend from the Nahua (from whom the Nahuatl language arose), ancestors of the Aztecs and other Central and South American groups:
...before beginning our studies of ancient Rome (SOTW chs. 27 - 29):
Daly, Kathleen N.Greek and Roman mythology, A to Z.New York :Chelsea House Publishers,c2009.
James, Simon.Ancient Rome.New York :Knopf,c1990.
Minnis, Ivan.You are in ancient Rome.Chicago, Ill. :Raintree,2005.
Platt, Richard.Roman diary : the journal of Iliona of Mytilini, who was captured by pirates and sold as a slave in Rome, A.D. 107.Somerville, Mass. :Candlewick Press,2009.

Solway, Andrew.Rome : in spectacular cross-section.New York :Scholastic Nonfiction,2003.
(For some reason, my library has few books on the beginnings of Rome and little that covers just the beginning time period of the Romans, so I used some books and things from my house to supplement, including Usborne's Roman Soldier's Handbook [which was a great hit] and our Lift the Lid on Gladiators, plus these websites....)
Play Horrible Histories Rotten Romans game:
We then took another detour back to India during the time of the Aryan and Mauryan Empires (SOTW chs. 30 and 31):
Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane.The cat who went to heaven.New York :Macmillan,c1958.
Demi.Buddha stories.New York :Henry Holt and Co.,1997.
Demi.Buddha.New York :Henry Holt and Co.,1996.

Demi.One grain of rice : a mathematical folktale.New York :Scholastic Press,c1997.
Ganeri, Anita.Buddhist stories.Minneapolis, Minn. :Picture Window Books,2006.
India's Gupta dynasty, A.D. 320-510.Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,2002.
Kamen, Gloria.The ringdoves.New York :Atheneum,1988.
Rockwell, Anne F.The Prince who ran away : the story of Guatama Buddha.New York :Alfred A. Knopf,2001.

Stewart, Whitney.Becoming Buddha : the story of Siddhartha.[Torrance, Calif.] :Heian,c2005.
Visakha.Our most dear Friend : Bhagavad-gita for children.Badger, CA :Torchlight Pub.,1996.
Since this time period included details about King Ashoka, Buddha, and the beginnings of Buddhism, we looked mostly at those topics.  Here are some websites that were included in my recommendations for study:

Here is a short website on Ashoka, truly a fabulous person! Our library has no kids books on him, unfortunately:

Here's one book I found on him, but I don't know if it's good or not:

Here's a website on Hinduism for kids:

Here are online stories to read from the Upanishads for kids. Click on the down arrow to move through each story as the "next" key moves you to the next story rather than the next page....

While we were back in Asia, we studied more about the Qin Dynasty (although we had already covered it some during our studies of ancient China, because our library here just doesn't have much info on the time period before the Qin Dynasty) and Confucius and his philosophies, using SOTW chs. 32 and 33:
Confucius : China's master sage.Peterborough, N.H. :Cobblestone Publishing Co.,2012.
Huang, Al Chung-liang.The Chinese book of animal powers.New
York :HarperCollinsPublishers,1999.

Kleeman, Terry F.The ancient Chinese world.Oxford ;:Oxford University Press,c2005.
Lai, Po Kan.The ancient Chinese.Morristown, N.J. :Silver Burdett Co.,c1980.
Rappaport, Doreen.The long-haired girl : a Chinese legend.New York :Dial Books for Young Readers,c1995.
Sellier, Marie.What the rat told me : a legend of the Chinese zodiac.New York :North-South Books,c2009.
Young, Ed.Lon Po Po : a red-riding hood story from China.New York :Philomel Books,1989.

Confucius: The Golden Rule, Russell Freedman

Here's a web page on Qin and Han China for children:

Here is an online tangram that will give you hints. You click at the corners of the shapes to turn them....

And now we are studying Rome from its height through the period of the beginnings of Christianity for a couple of weeks, using SOTW chs. 34 - 37.  We are looking at information regarding Christianity and all world religions and philosophies, as well as info on Caesar and Cleopatra, etc.:
Brown, Alan.What I believe.Brookfield, Conn. :Millbrook Press,1999.
Bruce, Julia.Conquest! : can you build a Roman city?.Berkeley Heights, N.J. :Enslow Publishers,2009.
Cleopatra.Peterborough, NH :Cobblestone Pub.,2004.
Denenberg, Barry.Atticus of Rome : 30 B.C.New York :Scholastic,2004.
Dickinson, Rachel.Tools of the ancient Romans : a kid's guide to the history & science of life in ancient Rome.White River Junction, Vt. :Nomad,c2006.
Galford, Ellen.Julius Caesar : the boy who conquered an empire.Washington, D.C. :National Geographic,2007.
Geras, Adèle.Cleopatra.Boston :Kingfisher,2007.
Goscinny.Obelix & Co.London :Orion,2004.
Goscinny.Asterix and the chieftain's shield.London :Orion ;,2004.
Guittard, Charles.The Romans : life in the Empire.Brookfield, Conn. :Millbrook Press,c1992.
L'Engle, Madeleine.The glorious impossible.New York :Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers,1990.
Langley, Andrew.The Roman news.Cambridge, Mass. :Candlewick Press,1996.
Lawrence, Caroline.The thieves of Ostia : a Roman mystery.Brookfield, Conn. :Roaring Brook Press,2002.
Lawrence, Caroline.The gladiators from Capua.New Milford, Conn. :Roaring Brook Press,c2006.
Macaulay, David.Rome antics.Boston :Houghton Mifflin,1997.
Macdonald, Fiona.A Roman fort.New York :P. Bedrick,1993.
Macdonald, Fiona.I wonder why Romans wore togas and other questions about Ancient Rome.New York :Kingfisher,1997.

Mulvihill, Margaret.Roman forts.New York :Gloucester Press,1990.
Osborne, Mary Pope.One world, many religions : the ways we worship.New York :Knopf,1996.
Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.Lost city of Pompeii.New York :Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish,c2000.
Penney, Sue.Christianity.Chicago, Ill. :Heinemann Library,c2001.
Pipe, Jim.You wouldn't want to be Cleopatra! : an Egyptian ruler you'd rather not be.Danbury, Conn. :Franklin Watts,2007.
Reece, Katherine E.The Romans : builders of an empire.Vero Beach, Fla. :Rourke Pub.,c2006.
Scieszka, Jon.See you later, gladiator.New York :Viking,c2000.
Stanley, Diane.Cleopatra.New York :Morrow Junior Books,1994.

What do you believe?.London ;:DK,2011.

We will be concluding our study of SOTW I shortly and moving into medieval studies before the school year is concluded!


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