Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 30 - 2012

This week was spring break for most of our town, so some of my son's classes didn't meet.  That gave us more of a chance to catch up from the field trips of last week.  It also gave us some wiggle room to recover from my continuing problems due to the illness of last week, and my son waking up with the same thing mid-way through this week (although I treated it more appropriately and he didn't get nearly as bad as I did)....  It's amazing how much better an illness turns out when you get on it and treat it, rather than ignoring it....

He worked through several lessons in our Videotext programming this week.  We only have about five more lessons to go to complete the Algebra I portion of that series.  (He's doing Algebra II work with his outside instructor; I've just followed with this at home for extra drill work and to help him remember more basic concepts of algebra work.)

He completed several Spanish workbook pages at home, since he had already completed his homework for that class.

He did have his outside lit class this week.  He is working on his last packet for A Separate Peace and doing a two page paper on how the Treaty of Versailles contributed to World War II.  He has begun reading To Kill a Mockingbird, which is going to be their last book for this school year.

At home, he completed Gay-Neck and read The Land I Lost, Huynh Quang Nhuong.  He also read Voices from the Past: Vietnam War, Kathlyn and Martin Gay.


Vietnam War (Gay, Kathlyn. Voices From the Past. )

He has completed his book on World Religions that he's been reading for a while as part of our Bible studies.  He is now reading How the Bible Came to Us, Meryl Doney.

How the Bible Came to Us   -     
        By: Meryl Doney

He continues to struggle through his Latin work.  I wish that the program we use had created videos do go with the grammar books as well as the primer books.  They are changing that program up, now, so I'm hopeful that they are integrating the books and including videos that cover everything.  Hopefully that will make them simpler to use for those who may pick up the series in future.  If he stays home for next year, he's going to do Cambridge Latin with an outside group so that he will have more teacher time....  Since I am no Latin scholar, once they get to a higher level, I'm not all that much help (because I really don't want to learn it with them, so I haven't applied myself)....

We are doing some revision work in his vocabulary and grammar books right now.  He tends to do better with correction if I wait a while and come back to it, rather than correcting his work each day.  Often when I do this, he will see the mistakes and correct them very quickly on his own, without further input from me.  Because the vocab book I use is pretty hefty in terms of number of pages (Vocabulary for the College Bound), I elected to split it up over the course of three years.  I now have him using some online vocab exercises created to go with some of the lists from last year as a review.  We should be able to cover a number of those lists by the end of the year.  Next year, we will have even more review of the words built in, again, if he stays home.

This is the website I use for review:

In geography, we're almost finished with the workbook on Europe that he has been working on for a while.  The last section of the book involves a lot of online research and it's tricky finding time when we're home long enough to get that work accomplished.  I'm hopeful that we will get it completed, though, this next week.

In history, we are finishing up the Vietnam era and will be moving on to studies of Africa next.

I finished up reading Mother Teresa this week, and began America and Vietnam: The Elephant and the Tiger, Albert Marrin, which I think is quite possibly one of the best books ever written for young people to sum up the complexities of this involvement, taking it right back to World War II.  I also read Places and People: Southeast Asia, Anita Generi, as we discussed this region of the world.

Albert Marrin

      Southeast Asia (Places & People Series): Anita Ganeri

Next week, my son will begin reading Langston Hughes's poetry, as well as other works.

We've had a little chill in the air here, after weeks of unseasonably warm (80 degree) weather.  Figures, since I finally planted some early vegi's....  We'll see how they fare.  My Dad says they are supposed to get snow next week (and they are south of me)....


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SCGS said...

We're going to be in southeast Asia next month for a week so our attentions have been on that area of the world of late, also.

I love the artwork all over your blog. :)

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