Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 33 - 2012

Ahhhhh, trying to catch up after having my father-in-law as company for the past week....  My son visited the last school on our list for shadowing this past week.  He is going back to school next year, so I am shortly out of a job.  I've got to start trying to line up what I'm going to be doing with the rest of my life!  I know that I am going to teach some classes for homeschoolers, but am not sure yet exactly what or exactly where....

Nothing much new to mention for the past week save for some history.  We began reading through the time period of the 1970's, using our Kingfisher encyclopedia, Usborne Atlas, Haywood atlas, Remember the Ladies, and Words that Built a Nation.  We're also looking a little at the geography of Australia and Oceania.

In addition to books we've already been working on, my son began reading and working through some books related to U.S. government:

The Presidents, John Holms, and See How They Run, Goodman and Smith:

The Presidents Sticker Book (High Q First Activity Books)

(There are updated versions of this available and it has quizzes in the back.)

See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House

In science reading at home, he read several books about planes, including Usborne's book on Jets:

Jets - 9780860200512

Last Sunday evening, a mother duck who had hatched out eggs in our back yard was walking around with her babies.  Evidently she was ready for them to go to the lake but I didn't open the gate for her as it was so late in the day.  She was determined, however, and squeezed them out through a hole.  Four of them didn't make the transition and she left them.  When I dropped my son for his piano lesson on Monday and then returned home, they were chirping loudly.  I caught them, boxed them up, and when I picked up my son, we went down to the lake, found the rest of the brood, and returned them to their family.  I just saw a local paper from later in the week and there was a shot of one of them in there!

(There are 13 in all!)

Soccer went well today.  My son scored four times!  They have lost most of their good players this season, and lost many games, so this was a big deal!

I think that covers the most eventful happenings of the week....  Next week he is doing achievement testing, so I'm letting him off school save for his outside classes and some test prep.  He'll still be finished right alongside the public school kids, so this will work out fine.  I can't believe that my years of homeschooling are so quickly drawing to an end....


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