Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 29 - 2012

Wow, I got waylaid by some sort of sinus or upper respiratory infection late last week and still haven't recovered.  We haven't been sick so often around here for years, and I'm not enjoying it!

We spent last Monday at the spring homeschool day for the USAF Museum in Dayton.  That place is so amazing, and they do such a good job with their classes on hs day!  Since we're studying modern history and physics this year, everything they had to offer was right up our alley.  We enjoyed seeing the changes they've made to the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Cold War exhibits, as well as all the satellites they've added to their displays.  I'll spare you the millions of pictures we took (as this may be our last visit for a while)....

 National Museum of the United States Air Force

They're finally getting ready to add a fourth hangar, which has been in the works for years.

 Trainer Crash Diorama

 Missile and Space Gallery

 Early Years Gallery

We missed my son's lit class on Monday, and caught up with piano later in the week.  The rest of his work progressed as usual, so I won't bore you with the details of that.

On Wednesday, we had our last music/art appreciation event of the year:  The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, performing Moulin Rouge at Centre College's Norton Centre (an acoustically perfect venue).  It was visually stunning!  I think this was the best event we've been to all year.

We weren't allowed to take photos, but here are some I found online:

My son continued his co-op science class and outside chemistry lab.  At home, we finished up working with the electronics workbench, reviewed some work I'd given them to do at home, and began doing some experiments with static electricity, including making a Leyden jar.  We also split water, burning off the hydrogen we collected (and talking about electrolysis).

Here's a look at what we covered in history and literature for the week:

My son continued reading A Separate Peace for his outside lit class.  He continued with Gay-Neck at home, as well as reading from the poetry of Walter de la Mare. 

He read chapters 8-18 in History of US, volume 10. 

I wrapped up our Korean War studies and began reading about the Vietnam Era from our Kingfisher World Encyclopedia and Haywood's Atlas of the 20th Century.  We're also reading about Southeast Asia in general during this time period. 

From First Facts About American Heroes, I read about Jacquelyn Kennedy, Neil Armstrong, and Rachel Carson.

From Remember the Ladies, we read about women of the 60's.

From The Great Ships, we read about The Enterprise (the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier).

I read aloud Cuba: After the Revolution, Bernard Wolf.

Cuba: After the Revolution

I can't believe how close we are to the end of our school year!


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