Sunday, January 4, 2015

History Timeline

At last!  I have finally remembered to take pictures of our timeline to post.  Here it is, in all it's glory!

This timeline includes the end of SOTW II, since we didn't finish it last year, and the very beginnings of SOTW III....

We add fold-down sections whenever we have a lot for one particular time period.  Sorry to give you a shot of the wastebasket, lol - guess you really didn't need that....  I use a mix of lapbooking mini-books and notebooking elements, as well as the review "cards" for SOTW, small pictures I print off from online, and stickers (mostly by Dover).  This section covers the Renaissance time period.

The next section has info on the Moghuls, the Age of Exploration, and the scientific revolution that began at that time.  We have a couple of maps added on below.

The third section covers the Elizabethan time period and the Reformation.

And these are some additional elements we have ready to go regarding chapters 3 - 8 of SOTW III.

I hope you have enjoyed this peak at our ongoing timeline.  This is the third year my student has kept a timeline and I am told it already wraps all around the walls of his bedroom!


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