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First Grade History and Literature

First Grade History/Reading

Used Usborne World History and SOTW 1 as “spines”.

Spread topics were based on Usborne, since it includes some topics SOTW does not.

This mixed up the flow of SOTW a little, but I thought it still worked. Alternately, you could switch and keep SOTW chapters in order, skipping around in Usborne.

Did History 4 days per week, one hour each (or less); reading of literature selections was at a separate time (generally in the mornings).

I did not include author names in my book lists that year, but re-visited many of these books again in fifth grade and authors are listed in that list....

Week 1:

M - Digging up History

SOTW pgs. 8-10; Act. Guide Intro.

Me and My Family Tree, Sweeney (L)
Archaeologists Dig for Clues, Duke (H)
The Magic School Bus Shows and Tells, Posner (L)
I can be an Archaeologist, Pickering (L)
Coloring pages from Prehistoric Man coloring book  

T - First Settlers

continued books from day one…
Made cave art
Made a coil pot 

W - Jericho/Catal Huyuk

Did weaving

SOTW pgs 10-13; Act. Guide Ch. 1

Story of Big Bone Lick (H)
It’s Disgusting and We Ate It! Solheim (L)
How People First Lived, Jaspersohn (L)
Mik’s Mammoth, Gerrard (L)
One Small Bead, Baylor (L)
The First Dog, Brett (L)
R - First Great Civilizations

SOTW pgs. 23-25; Act. Guide ch. 5

Who Were the First People? (H)
Living in Prehistoric Times (H)
The Golden Sandal, Hickox (L)
The Three Princes: A Tale from the Middle East, Kimmel (L)
Arabian Nights: Three Tales, Lattimore (L)

Week 2:

M - Daily Life/ Invention of Writing

Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent ( L)
Tower of Babel (L)

SOTW pgs. 16-19; Act. Guide ch. 3

Seeker of Knowledge: The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Rumford (L)

Did picture writing 

T - First Settlers on the Nile

Flash, Old Dog of Egypt (L)
Growing up in Ancient Egypt (L)
Ancient Egypt (L; 3 titles available)

SOTW pgs. 13-16; Act. Guide ch. 2

The Nile River, Meister (L)
Egyptian Myths, Morley (L)

W - Continue Egyptian Books

R - Farmers Year

Continue Egyptian books

SOTW pgs. 42-45; Act. Guide ch. 12

Growing up in Ancient Egypt, David (L)
Ancient Egypt (Ms. Frizzle’s Adventures), Cole (L)

Week 3:

M - Food and Drink

Look What Came From Egypt (L)

T - Tombs and Life After Death

Secrets of the Mummies (H)
Mummies Made in Egypt, Aliki (H)
Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt (L)
I am the Mummy Heb-Nefert, Bunting (L)

SOTW pgs. 19-23; Act. Guide ch. 4

Look Inside: An Egyptian Tomb, Moses (L)
W - Continue from yesterday

R - Building the Pyramids

Great Pyramids (L)
Pyramids (L)
Macaulay Pyramid Video (L)
Kids Discover: Pyramids (L)
Egyptian Pyramids (L)

SOTW cont. ch. 4

Week 4:

M - Sports and Leisure

Play Snake Race game

T - Continue Egyptian Pyramid books

W - A Great Island Civilization

Theseus and the Minotaur (L; Hutton and also one other title)
Warriors and Seafarers 1500-500 BC ( L)
Mysterious Places of the Mediterranean (H)

SOTW pgs. 60-63; Act. Guide ch. 18

Greek Myths, McCaughrean (L; on tape)
Atlantis: The Legend of a Lost City, Balit (L)

R - Continue from yesterday

Week 5:

M - Life on Crete

Continue books from last week

T - Cities of Ancient India

Rama and the Demon King (L)
Monkey Bridge (L)
Ancient India (L)
Just So Stories (L)
Jataka Tales (L)

SOTW pgs. 31-33; Act. Guide ch. 9

W/R - Continue India rest of week

Week 6:

M - Continue with India(Or, move on to give more time for Rome at end of year.) 

T - Rise of Babylon

Gilgamesh books (L)
Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent 10,000-539 BC (L)

SOTW pgs. 27-29; Act. Guide ch. 7

The Rules, Marty Kelley (L)
The Tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Kimmel (L)
Abu Ali: Three Tales of the Middle East, Van Woerkom (L) 

W/R - Continue rest of week 

Week 7:

M - Continue Babylon (Or, continue to give more time at end of year for Rome.)

T - Royal Graves of Anatolia

(Go ahead and move into Egypt studies.)

W - New Kingdom

Hatshepsut, His Majesty Herself (L)
Hatshepsut and Ancient Egypt (L)
Mystery of King Karfu (L)
World in the Time of Tut (L)
(several other titles on Tut, as well)
Tut’s Mummy, Lost and Found (L)
Science in Ancient Egypt (L)
The Prince Who Knew His Fate (L)
Nefertari (L)

R - Continue New Kingdom

Week 8:

M - Egyptian Empire

Continue library books from last week

T - Continue Egyptian books

SOTW pgs. 45-48; Act. G ch. 13

Pharaohs and Pyramids (L)
Tutankamun: The Life and Death of the Pharaoh (L)
Tut, Tut (L)

W - Houses and Furniture

Egypt, the Culture (L)
Continue other Egyptian books

R - Temples

Rulers of Ancient Egypt (L)
Cat Mummies (L)
Tales of Ancient Egypt (L)
Seeker of Knowledge (L)
Pharaoh’s of Ancient Egypt (L)
Remains to be Seen: Exploring Ancient Egypt (L)

Week 9:

M - Continue Temples 

T - Warriors of Anatolia

(Use extra time to finish up Egyptian books from last week.) 

W - Greece

Mysterious People From Greece (L)
Black Ships Before Troy (L)
Trojan Horse (L)
Myths and Civilization of Ancient Greeks (L)
In Search of Ancient Troy (L)
Myths and Legends (L)
Hercules (L)
Pegasus, the Flying Horse (L)
Persephone (L)
Cupid and Psyche (L)
Cyclops (L)
King Midas (L)
Odysseus and Cyclops (L)

R - Continue with Greece

SOTW pgs. 63-66; Act. Guide ch. 19

Fiona Macdonald has several titles available on Greece, as does John Malam
The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War, Little (L)
The Trojan Horse, Hutton (L)

SOTW pgs. 81-83; Act. Guide ch. 23

Trojan Horse: The World’s Greatest Adventure, DK reader (L)
Greek Gods and Goddesses, McCaughrean (L)
The Robber Baby: Stories from Greek Myths, Rockwell (L)
Hercules, Burleigh (L)
Medusa, Lattimore (L)
Max and Ruby’s First Greek Myth: Pandora’s Box, Wells (L)
Max and Ruby’s Midas: Another Greek Myth, Wells (L)
The Illustrated Book of Myths: Tales and Legends of the World, Philip (L)

Week 10:

M/T - Continue Greece first two days

Make a clay model

W - Palaces and Soldiers

Jason and the Golden Fleece (L)
Gods and Goddesses of Olympus (L)
Atlanta’s Race (L)
Arion and the Dolphin (L)
Growing up in Ancient Greece (L)

R - Continue Greece

Week 11:

Continue Greece all week

Week 12:

M - Philistines(Combine with Canaanites.)
M - Canaanites and…

Bible lands books from home
The Binding of Isaac (L)
Mission on a Mountain (L)
Joseph and his Coat (L)
Noah and the Great Flood (L)
Noah’s Ark (L)
Noah and the Ark (L)

SOTW pgs. 25-27, Act. Guide ch. 6

Dance, Sing Remember: A Celebration of Jewish Holidays

T/W/R - Continue Bible Lands rest of week
Week 13:

M - Continue Bible lands
T - Nomads in the Desert

Moses in Egypt w/tape (H)
Exodus from Egypt, Auld (L)
Moses in the Bulrushes (L)
Story of King Saul and King David (L)
Exodus, Wildsmith (L)
David and Goliath (L)
When Solomon was King (L)
King Solomon and his Magic Ring (L)

W - Continue

SOTW pgs. 49-52; Act. Guide ch. 14

Israel (Countries of the World), Fisher (L)
Eyewitness: Bible Lands (H)
Moses, Fisher (L)
The Passover Journey: A Seder Companion, Goldin (L)
Exodus, Chaikin

R - Continue
Week 14:

M – Continue Bible Lands
T - Phoenicians

Continue with Mysterious Places of the Mediterranean (H)
3 titles on Phoenicia from L

SOTW pgs. 52-55; Act. Guide ch. 15

SOTW pgs. 56-57; Act. Guide ch. 16

Fire into Ice: Adventures in Glass Making, Houston (L)
The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor, Yeoman (L)

W/R - Continue

Week 15:

M - Life in Assyrian Empire

SOTW pgs. 29-31; Act. Guide ch. 8
T - Kings and Their Palaces/ Assyrian Army

SOTW pgs. 57-59; Act. G ch. 17

DK’s Great Wonders of the Ancient World (H)
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Cox and Morris (L)

W/R - City of Babylon

Week 16:

M - Monument Builders

Celtic Coloring Book
Cobblestone: Stonehenge, et al (L)
They Lived Like this in Ancient Britain (L) 

T – Continue
W - First Civilizations in China

Growing up in Ancient China (L)
They Lived Like This in Ancient China (L)
Ancient China (L; 2 titles)
Ancient China Treasure Chest (H) 

R - Continue

SOTW pgs. 33-35; Act. G ch. 10

Ancient China, J. Simpson (H)
Maples in the Mist (H)
The Story About Ping, Flack (L)
Tikki Tikki Tembo, Mosel (L)
Books on the orient by Demi from library
Week 17:

M - Continue China
T - Continue China
W - First Farmers in America

Opossum and the Great Firemaker (H)
Do a serpent mound model in clay
Nature Company Native Americans (H)
Do Aztec drawings
R - India

Take a Trip to India (H)
Tiger and the Brahim (L)
Blue Jackal (L)
Seven Blind Mice (L)
Magic Cooking Pot (L)
Gifts of the Wali Dad (L) 

Week 18:

M - Continue India
T - Continue
W - Greek Dark Ages

Continue with mythology from earlier, i.e., D’Aulaire, etc.
Tales of Ancient Persia (L)

SOTW pgs. 67-72; Act. G ch. 20

The Wanderings of Odysseus, Sutcliff (L)
The First Olympic Games, Richards (L)
I Wonder Why Greeks Built Temples and Other Questions About Ancient Greece, McDonald (L)
Count Your Way through Greece, Haskins (L)
The Original Olympics, Ross (L)
She and He Adventures in Mythology, Weiss (L; audio)
Galileo and the Stargazers, Weiss (L; audio) 

R – Continue Greece

Week 19:

Continue Greece all week 

Week 20:

M - Conquerers
M - The Persian Empire

SOTW pgs. 73-76; Act. G ch. 21

Flower of Sheba (L)
The Story of Esther (L)
Queen Esther, Morning Star (L)
The Persian Empire (L)
Queen Esther Saves Her People (L)
The Persian Empire, Zinert (L)
The Persian Empire: World History Series, Nardo (L)
Esther’s Story, Wolkstein (L)
The Legend of the Persian Carpet (L)
The Persian Cinderella (L)
The Red Lion: A Tale of Ancient Persia (L)

T - Continue
W - Greeks at War

Adventures of Greek Heroes (L)
Hannibal and His 37 Elephants (L)
Hannibal vs. Rome (L)
Battle of Zama (L)
Battle of Marathon (L)
Odyssey, McCaughrean (L)
Olympians, Fisher (L)
Pomegranate Seeds, Geringer (L) 

R - Continue

SOTW pgs. 76-81; Act. G ch. 22

DK Eyewitness Ancient Greece (H)
Paper through the Ages, Cosner (L)
Continue D’Aulaire
Mr. Semolina-Semolinus: A Greek Folktale (L)
Bright-eyed Athena (L)

SOTW pgs. 84-88; Act. G ch. 24

[visit Parthenon in Nashville]

The Greek Hoplite (L)
The X-ray Picture Book of Big Buildings of the Ancient World (L)
The Parthenon (L)
The Aesop for Children, Winter (L)
Cupid and Psyche, Craft (L)
Apollo and Daphne, Barber (L)

Week 21:

M/T - Continue Greece
W - Life in Athens

Buried City of Pompeii (L)
Golden Days of Greece (L)
Pompeii: Buried Alive (or L)
This is Greece (L)
R - Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great and Ancient Greece (L)
Alexander the Great (7 titles, L)
The Great Alexander the Great (L)
Perseus, Hutton (L)
Greek Myths, McCaughrean (L)

SOTW pgs. 88-92; Act. G ch. 25

Alexander the Great: The Greatest Ruler of the Ancient World (L)
Alexander the Great: The Legend of a Warrior King (L)

Week 22:

M - Continue Greece

T - Alexandria
W - What we Owe the Greeks

Archimedes Takes a Bath (H)
Ancient Greece Treasure Chest (H)
Aesop’s Fables (H)
Video: Ancient Greece: Birth of Thinking (L)
Eratosthenes: The Librarian who Measured the Earth (L)
Science in Ancient Greece (L)

R - Continue

Video: Ancient Greece (L)
Aristotle and Scientific Thought (L)

Week 23:

M/T - Continue Greece
W - Great Civilizations in the East

SOTW pgs. 113-117; Act. G ch. 32

Long is a Dragon (L)
Ancient China, Williams (L)
Growing up in Ancient China (or L)
The Incredible Story of China’s Buried Warriors (L)
The Magic Tapestry: A Chinese Folktale (L)
Ten Suns: A Chinese Legend (L)
The Dragon Prince (L)
The Ch’I-Lin Purse (L)

R - Continue Eastern Civs

Books on world religions (H)
Look at Chinese coins
The Great Wall of China, Mann (also one by Fisher) (L)
Confucius (4 titles, L)
Science in Ancient China (L)
Seven Chinese Brothers (L)
Ballad of Mulan (L)
The Empty Pot (L)

Week 24:

M - Continue China
T - Writing and Inventions

Exploration into China (L)
Long-haired Girl (L)
Lon Po Po (L)

SOTW pgs. 117-119; Act. G ch. 33

[play with tangrams; make tea.]

The Chinese Book of Animal Powers (L) 

W - ContinueMake a wall hanging 

R - Continue 

Week 25:

M - Nomads and Horsemen

Make a felt hanging. 

M/T - Early American Indians

North American Coloring book pages
Exploration into North America (L)

T/W - Continue North America

SOTW pgs. 92-96; Act. G ch. 26

Growing up in Aztec Times (L)
You Wouldn’t Want to be an Aztec Sacrifice! (L)
The Incas (H)
Anasazi, Fisher (L)
Who Were the First North Americans? (H)
The Two Mountains: An Aztec Legend (L)
Jabuti the Tortoise (L)
Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s Back (H)
Dancing Drum: A Cherokee Legend (H)
Ka-Ha-Si and the Loon: An Eskimo Legend (L)
Keepers of the Earth (L) 

R - Continue

Week 26:

M – Continue North America
T - The Maya

Technology in the Time of the Maya (L)
The Maya (L)
Why there is no Arguing in Heaven (L)

W - Continue Maya

Do Mayan style drawings 

R - Continue

Week 27:

M - Life in Ancient Africa

Why Spider Spins Tales (H)
The Hunterman and the Crocodile (H)
Anansi, w/ tape (H)

SOTW pgs. 36-42; Act. G ch. 11

Look Who Lives in the Desert (L)
Animals of the Desert (L)
Misoso: Once Upon a Time Tales from Africa (L)
Zomo the Rabbit (L)
Too Much Talk (L)
Rhinos for Lunch and Elephants for Supper! (L)

T/W/R – Continue Africa all week

Week 28:

M - Continue Africa

Exploration into Africa (L)
Anansi’s Feast (L)
Anansi and the Moss-covered Rock (L)
Golden Deer (L)
The King’s Drum and Other Stories, Courlander (L) 

T - Continue

Draw Anansi 

W - Continue
R - Continue 

Week 29:

M - Buddha and Ashoka

Books on religion from home
The Prince Who Ran Away (L)
Buddha (2 titles, L)
The Prince Who Became a Beggar (L)
The Cat who Went to Heaven (L)
Our Most Dear Friend (L)
On Grain of Rice (L)
Fat Gopal (L)

T/W/R – Continue India all week

Week 30:

M – Continue India

SOTW pgs. 107-110; Act. G ch. 30

The Sacred River (L)
Buddha, Demi (L)
Prince Siddhartha: The Story of Buddha (L)
My Friend’s Beliefs: A Young Readers Guide to World Religions (L)
World Religions, The Great Faiths Annotated and Explained (L)
India, Countries of the World, Dahl (L)
Buddha Stories, Demi (L)

SOTW pgs. 110-113; Act. G ch. 31

T/W - Continue
R - People of Northern Europe

What do we Know About the Celts? (L)
Names Upon the Harp (L)
Myths and Civilization of the Ancient Celts (L)
English Fairy Tales, Steel (L)
The Celts, Martell (L) 

Week 31:

M - Continue Celts

Celtic coloring book
(Or, begin Rome if time allows.)

T - Rise of Rome

Romulus and Remus (L)
Myths and Civilization of the Ancient Romans (L)

SOTW pgs. 96-100; Act. G ch. 27

W - Continue Rome

SOTW pgs. 100-04; Act. G ch. 28

Gladiator, Watkins (L)
The Roman Colosseum, Mann (L)
City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction (L)
Roman Roads and Aqueducts (L)
The Roman Colosseum, Nardo (L)
Classic Myths to Read Aloud, Russell (L)
Androcles and the Lion, Nolan (L)
The Roman Twins, Gerrard (L)
Asterix the Gladiator (L)
See You Later, Gladiator (Time Warp Trio) (L) 

R - Continue

Week 32:

M – Continue Rome

T - Life in the Roman Empire

Gladiators’ Treasure Chest (H)
Detectives in Togas (L)
Living in Roman Times (L)
Science in Ancient Rome (L)

SOTW pgs. 126-27; Act. G. ch. 36

Augustus and Imperial Rome (L)
The Story of Clocks and Calendars: Marking a Millennium (L)
W/R – Continue Rome

Week 33:

M - Continue Rome

SOTW pgs. 104-07; Act. G ch. 29

The Roman Army, Wilkes (L)
A Roman Fort, Macdonald (L)

T – Continue

SOTW pgs. 122-25; Act. G ch. 35

[learn Roman numerals]

The Romans, Hicks (L)
Roman Numerals I to MM (L)
Cleopatra, Stanley (L)
“Julius Caesar” from Tales from Shakespeare, Williams (L)
Shakespeare Stories II, Garfield (L)
Cleopatra: The Queen of Dreams (L) Rome Antics (L)
Julius Caesar (5 titles; L)

SOTW pgs. 128-31; Act. G ch. 37

The Parables of Jesus, dePaola (L)
The Miracles of Jesus, dePaola (L)

SOTW pgs. 131-134; Act. G ch. 38

Behold the Trees (H)
Israel in Pictures, Feinstein (L)
Jason’s Miracle (L)
Shabbat, Nerlove (L)
Journeys with Elijah, Diamond (L)
Miriam’s Cup, Manushkin (L) 

W - Continue

SOTW pgs. 134-39; Act. G ch. 39

I Wonder Why Romans Wore Togas? (L)
What Do We Know About the Romans? (L)
Ancient Rome Treasure Chest (H)
Pompeii…Buried Alive (H)
Heroes, Gods, and Emperors from Roman Mythology (L)
Mystery of the Roman Ransom (L)

SOTW pgs. 139-42; Act. G ch. 40

Ancient Rome, Simpson (L, if not already used)
Celtic Fairy Tales, Jacobs (L)

R - Romans and Barbarians

Bronze Bow (L)
Aeneid (2 titles; L)
Caesar Augustus (5 titles, L)
Jesus of Nazareth (L)
Jesus, Dickens (L)
Wendy Becket’s Book of Saints (L)
Jesus’ Special Friends, the 12 Apostles (L)

Week 34:

M - Continue Rome

T - Continue

SOTW pgs. 119-22; Act. G ch 34

A Pirate’s Life for Me, Thompson (L)
The Legionary (H)

W - Byzantine Empire

SOTW pgs. 142-45; Act. G ch. 41

The Rotten Romans (L)

SOTW pgs. 145-48; Act. G ch. 42

(Science in Ancient Rome, if not used earlier) 

R - New Kings in Persia

(Continue books on Rome) 

Week 35:

M - Ancient Japan

Book on Ancient Japanese, Odjik (H)
Sho and the Demon of the Deep (H)
Book written in Japanese (H)
Spring: A Haiku Story (H)
Exploration into Japan (L)

T - Continue

Use Japanese activity book (H) 

W - Continue
R - Continue

Week 36:

M - Australia and Oceania

The Biggest Frog in Australia (H)
Exploration into Australia (L)
Australia and Oceania (L)
Wandering Girl (L)
The Flying Emu and other Australian Stories (L)
The Giant Devil Dingo (L)

T - Continue

Tales Told to Kabbarli: Aboriginal Legends (L)
Draw Aboriginal type art 

W - Continue

The Aboriginal People of Australia (L)
Rainbowbird: An Aboriginal Folktale (L)
Rainbow Serpent (L)
Waltzing Matilda (L)
The Pacific (L)
South Pacific Islanders (L)
Pacific Islands (L)
The Woman on the Moon (L)
Kon-Tiki (L) 
R - Continue

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