Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 17 work....

We're (reluctantly) getting back into our school routine this week.  My son started back with some of his outside classes, too....

Bible - we completed the Advent/Christmas study, which ended with Epiphany.  Son started a monthly prayer journal put out by Franklin Graham's group.  I received this when he was too little to do it on his own and kept it for when he was older....

Math - resumed algebra work.  Continuing with Russian Math 6 at home.  Since we were a little ahead in it, he also worked part of a section in his geometry workbook.

Geography - completed the 50 States workbook.  Starting working with a little book to help him memorize state capitals.

Science - completed the Matter workbook.  He did some more work in his Atom workbook this week, too and that's all we did in science!  I'm not sure where the time went....

Language Arts - picked back up with outside lit class by beginning reading After the Dancing Days, Rostkowski:

He got back all his work from before Christmas and received good marks for his science fiction story and everything else.  I sorta wish she'd grade a little harder, sigh.....

Continued with Easy Grammar and Vocabulary for the College Bound at home.  Continued with italics handwriting practice using Lessons and Carols.

We're reading about Qing China this week in history and those countries/areas surrounding China or absorbed by China that have been heavily influenced by it over time.  Here are some of the books we've used this week:

Faces: Taiwan.  This is a Cobblestone Publication.  Cultures of the World, Taiwan, by Azra Moiz.  Cultures of the World, Myanmar, Saw Myat Yin.  Countries of the World: Myanmar, by Pauline Khng.

large image

And a book called Tibetans, by Judith Kendra

large image

Long Is A Dragon - Chinese Characters

We looked at some art from the time period of the late 1600's through 1700's using Art in China, by Craig Clunas and he practiced calligraphy using the book Long is a Dragon, Chinese Writing for Children, by Peggy Goldstein.

I continued reading literature we'd already started and also read some stories from The City of the Dagger and other tales from Burma, retold by H. H. Keely and Christine Price.

The Dalai Lama: with a Foreword by His Holiness The Dalai LamaEveryone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like

Eyes of the Dragon

  He read a variety of folktales:  Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like, Jay Williams; Dalai Lama, Demi; Eyes of the Dragon, Margaret Leaf; All the Way to Lhasa (Tibet), Barbara Helen Berger; and The Khan's Daughter (Mongolian), Laurence Yep.

large imageI read the portions from Elephants and Golden Thrones, Trish Marx, about Kangxi and Qianlong and also read the chapter on Kangxi from China from Manchu to Mao, John Roberson.

He picked back up with his piano lessons and the next session of art started.  He seems to have a plan in place for art this time and I'm glad of that. 

Spanish resumed this week and he's continuing with his Spanish grammar work at home.  He also completed chapter 17 in Elementary Greek and we reviewed.  He completed two chapters in Latin and took a quiz.

His first session of indoor soccer is wrapping up and the second one started this evening (at a different locale).  His clinic resumed this week (same place where he plays).

I think that's all for this week!  It's snowing (again) and while I like snow, I could do without the overcast days.....


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Robyn said...

Looks like you had a great week back! It was snowing here again today too... at least overcast means warmer! (although it was quite chilly here even with the clouds!)

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