Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily work for Week 20....

Work continues around snow cancellations.  Whew!  I never really knew what it was like for folks who live where there's lots of snow all winter.  I'll be glad to see spring come....

My son is reading a variety of books right now related to religion.  I'm making a last pass through some of them before they're sold or put away for future generations.  This week he read through a Biblical timeline entitled How We Got the Bible, Rose Publishing:

Our Cover doesn't look like this one, but the contents looks the same.

He also read A Child's Book of Prayer, Helen Sudell, Ed. and He is My Shepherd, David and Helen Haidle.

A Child's Book of PrayerHe is My Shepherd: the 23rd Psalm for Children[bookHyperlink]
He began reading from A World of Faith, Peggy Fletcher Stack and Kathleen Peterson, and will conclude that next week.

His algebra class was moved from Monday to Tuesday due to snow, but did get done!  We also worked on Russian Math at home.

He continued with his regular routine of Language Arts work.  In his outside Lit class, they completed After the Dancing Days and started work on Nothing to Fear.  He has started a vocab section on Greek roots, so it getting to reinforce his Greek work in that regard.

He continued with his geography workbook.

In languages, he continued with his work in Spanish grammar, and they did manage to have class on Tuesday, too.  He completed a quiz and a couple of lessons in Latin, and we caught up with the test I had neglected to give him last week.  He completed lesson 20 in Greek and we did a good review today.

This week we've been reading more on the subject of Colonial America

He read Chapter 23 in SOTW and outlined one section.  He also read:  The Boston Tea Party, Dennis Fradin, and The Thirteen Colonies, Brendan January.
The Thirteen Colonies

He read Benjamin Franklin, by the D'Aulaires; he read Skippack School, Marguerite De Angeli, and he read Rip Van Winkle, Washington Irving.

Skippack School / Out of print
I have an older version than this one.
 Benjamin Franklin by Ingri and Edgar D'Aulaire
GEORGE-isms: The 110 Rules George Washington Lived By
I continued reading aloud from Last of the Mohicans, Franklin's autobiography, and Night Journeys (Avi).  I read about the design and building of the President's residence from The White House, Catherine Grace.  I read about George Washington's rules of civility using George-sims (by George Washington, LOL)....  I read about Thomas Paine's Common Sense using a book entitled 46 Pages: Thomas Paine, Common Sense and the Turning Point to American Independence, Scott Liell.  I also printed Common Sense from the net to read.

I read George Washington, Cheryl Harness; African Americans and the Revolutionary War, Judith Harper; and If You Lived in Williamsburg in Colonial Days, Barbara Brenner.

If You Lived In Williamsburg in Colonial Days by Barbara Brenner

In Chemistry, we completed the verrrrry loooooonnng chapter nine in Friendly Chemistry, he continued work in his workbook, The Atom, and we completed a couple of chapters in Ellen McHenry's The Elements, along with activities and games.  It made a good review and reinforcement of what we've been doing with regard to notation.

The Elements; Ingredients of the Universe (hard copy)

Both of these have been updated since I bought my copies!  I assume they are still substantially the same, perhaps any errors have been corrected....

Physical activities, art, and music continued this week as usual.  My son had a fact finder on Robert Schumann he had to prepare for his piano instructor.  He's working on a couple of potential pieces he might present for his recital in March.  It is going to have a Hollywood classics theme....

I think that's all the news on the school front from our house for now.  I've just managed to get him into a super chemistry lab run by a lady here who is a chemical engineer.  That will start in March and run for about 9 weeks.  I'm excited for him as it will be much more high level than what I'm capable of covering!  I'm getting ready to order the lab manual this weekend....  I also talked to her about a physics lab for next year (hoorah!!!!!!)



Gifts for Girls Academy said...

I love all of the books you are using. I'll have to keep Friendly Chemistry in mind. It looks like you had a great week.

Faith said...

Love all the books you've listed. I don't think I'm familiar with Friendly Chemistry. We have a six week intro to chem class that a homeschooling mom near us does. My kids have loved it. Hope your 9 week class is good!

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