Monday, September 12, 2011

Memory Monday!

Do you do "memory work"?  If so, what sorts of things do you work at memorizing?  Do you think memory work is good for the mind (as in, a useful exercise)?

We are continuing memory work this year involving the first 16 Presidents of the United States.  My son has been writing out their names and dates in office as Italic cursive copywork for the first couple of weeks of school, too.

He is memorizing the Gettysburg Address and Oh, Captain! My Captain! (Can you tell we're studying the Civil War time period?)

He just memorized a one minute monologue called "Forbidden Fruit" last week for his audition for Junior Company, which is a theatrical group for middle schoolers meeting through our local children's theatre.  He will find out how he did on Wednesday!

He is memorizing terms related to our physical science studies.  The current list has to do with simple machines and concepts concerning those.  (I have these listed in my physical science post....)

He just started work on his next to last list of Latin words in Latin Primer III.  He'll be finished with that book soon and into the grammer books that go along with the series.... 

He continues practice of certain grammar lists memorized last year....  I believe that might be all right now - at least that's all my own poor memory can bring up out of the depths....


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MissMOE said...

Looks like quite a comprehensive list. Thanks for linking up.

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