Friday, September 23, 2011

School Work for Week 6 - 2011

We are into a routine for most of our work now, although we're going to interrupt that next week to accompany my husband when he goes to a conference in Milwaukee.  After that's over, we're going to head up to the Keweenaw Peninsula for a few days before we come home.  I hope the leaves are pretty up there because it doesn't look like we're going to have much color this year down here....

~My son began reading through Bible Prophecy for Blockheads this week.  It's a book I bought for my older son when he was about this same age because he was interested in prophecy at that time.  It's interesting to me that we started this at the same time that our minister began a sermon series on prophecy.  I'm sorry that we're going to miss the last two of those sermons while we're gone, but he's going to provide me with his notes so that I can still get the gist of what I'll be missing....

Bible Prophecy for Blockheads: A User-Friendly Look at the End Times[Paperback]

~We are finally moving forward again in Logic, after completing our review of what we did last year.  It feels good to be making progress in it again.  I'm not sure why I hate thinking of doing it, because when we do get into it, I really don't mind it at all.  I didn't like the lay-out of the revised version of Introductory Logic at all last year, but I think I've finally overcome the changes I didn't like (by ignoring them)....

~In literature this week, the library finally supplied the Chesterton book I've been waiting on for weeks:

Father Brown: The Essential Tales Cover

He has read several of those stories and has now begun reading Little Lord Fauntleroy, Burnett:

Book Jacket
~In history, he's about 60% of the way through Volume 7 of History of US, finishing Across Five Aprils, and has begun Civil War Ends, Corinne Naden.  He's reading through quite a few chapters in Story of the World right now, too, as we take a peek at what's occurring in the rest of the world during the post-Civil War period in the U.S.  (Chapters 1-4 and 6-9 thus far....)
~They're beginning budgeting and check book balancing in his outside Home Ec class.
~He's continuing well with his outside science classes and had another experiment to conduct at home on his own this past week (regarding displacement of water).  In our class at home, the boys are looking at wheels and axles right now, along with gears.  They experimented with creating wheeled vehicles in class and are also doing projects at home each week (using K'nex kits on simple machines and gears).  I held off on starting pulleys until next time, when they can devote more of the class time to it.
~I've been trying to get together a small group to do a few lessons in painting with acrylics.  We're working with our local Michael's store which has just hired a retired high school teacher (a lovely lady) to be their art director.  I'm hopeful that we're going to get those going for October/November.
~We're scurrying to get packed, send the cat off for boarding, go attend family weekend at my older son's college, make the soccer game for the younger one, and still get out of the house early for our trip - I hope the weather holds up there!

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