Saturday, March 24, 2012

School Work for Week 28 - 2012

We maintained our regular routine for most work this week.  Here are some readings that were added:
Scholastic Encyclopedia of the United States at War - selections pertinent to the Korean War.

Scholastic Encyclopedia of the United States at War

(Also completed the Stein book on The Korean War.)

The Korean War: The Forgotten War

Read from First Facts About American Heroes regarding personages of the 50's:  Cesar Chavez, Jonas Salk, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

First Facts about American Heroes

From Words That Built a Nation, we read about Brown v. Board of Education and discussed school segregation.

Words That Built a Nation

Read more on women in the news during the 50's from Remember the Ladies.

Remember the Ladies: 100 Great American Women

Read about the instant cities that began to be thrown up in boom areas, such as Lakewood, California, from Places in Time.

Places in Time: A New Atlas of American History

Read from The Great Ships regarding The Nautilus (first nuclear powered sub).

Great Ships

Read from Haywood's Atlas of Past Times regarding the Middle East since 1948; Russia during the 20th century; and Asia since 1945.  Talked about current events in the news and ongoing problems in these areas of the world since the 1950's.

The Atlas of Past Times

(I adore Haywood's atlases and maps!)

Read from A Child's Eye View regarding Independence for India.

A Child's Eye View of History: Discover History through the Experiences of Children from the Past

I read aloud from The Indian Subcontinent, Anita Ganeri, and Enchantment of the World, Nepal, Ann Heinrichs.  I also started reading aloud a bio on Mother Teresa, by Maya Gold.

The Indian Subcontinent       Nepal      Mother Teresa

My son continued his reading in chapters 1-7 of volume 10, History of US, as well as his reading of The Korean War, Gay.

The Korean War

He completed his readings pertaining to Sandburg and Frost, but I elected to read Cummings's work aloud so that we could discuss it.  We also got into a discussion of Frost and his complexities....  There's a lot available online regarding poetry (I've recently pinned numerous things to Pinterest, as well as saving other lesson plans that did not allow for pinning, due to being in PDF form, etc. - just let me know if you'd like these).  I read Cummings from books I own at home:  A Child's Anthology of Poetry and an old lit book of mine by X. J. Kennedy (which includes questions for discussion, etc.)

A Fifth Edition is the oldest one of his works I see, although I think mine is older than that, LOL....

I see he also has out a book just for children:

Knock at a Star: A Child's Introduction to Poetry

Child's Anthology of Poetry

We're off to the USAF Museum on Monday!


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My name is Tiffany said...

Your resources look great. I will have to check some of them out. My name is Tiffany and I am a curriculum junkie.

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