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Catching up on the Rest of Medieval History for 2013-14 School Year

Wow, didn't realize that I failed to post anything more about the rest of our history last year!  We had SUCH a winter and missed so many days that it got a little disjointed.  I wish to goodness that I could remember to take some pictures of the timeline this student started in our Ancients study which he has added to each year.  I am told that it travels round and round his room at home.  I will at least try to take some pictures of this year's addition to it!  We use the SOTW timeline "cards," cutting them out and adding a little color, then add in stickers I find from Dover that go with our studies, little pics I print out from online, and scrap booking mini-books as we go along....

So, we actually covered just a little more before Christmas, to wit:

Ch. 22 in SOTW, which is on Marco Polo.
I had some scrapbooking elements (little pockets with cards for vocab) that we used several times during our study of the Middle Ages and I had him working on some of these at this time.

 Additional reading:

Demi. The empty pot. New York : H. Holt, c1990. 

Gilchrist, Cherry. Stories from the Silk Road. New York, N.Y. : Barefoot Books, 1999. 
Gunderson, Jessica. Stranger on the silk road : a story of ancient China. Minneapolis, Minn. : Picture Window Books, c2009.
Heyer, Marilee. The weaving of a dream : a Chinese folktale. New York, N.Y. : Viking Kestrel, 1986.
Lee, Jeanne M. Bitter dumplings. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2002.
Louie, Ai-Ling. Yeh-Shen : a Cinderella story from China. New York : Philomel Books, c1982.
Macdonald, Fiona. Marco Polo : a journey through China. New York : Franklin Watts, 1998. 
Major, John S. The silk route : 7,000 miles of history. [New York] : Harper Collins, 1995.
McCully, Emily Arnold. Beautiful warrior : the legend of the Nun's kung fu. New York : Arthur A. Levine Books, 1998. 
Music travels the Silk Road. Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Pub., 2007. 
Sinnott, Susan. China. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, 2001.
The silk road. Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Pub., 2002.
Yep, Laurence. The dragon prince : a Chinese Beauty & the beast tale. New York : Harper Collins, 1997.
Yolen, Jane. The emperor and the kite. New York, NY : Philomel Books, 1988.

After Christmas, at our first meeting in mid-January, my student told me that he didn't really remember reading about Marco Polo, but did recall the silk road, so I had him listen to SOTW ch. 22 again, and asked his mother to pick up another book or two on Marco Polo.

We also kept moving forward with chapter 23 in SOTW, which is on early Russians.  Here are some more books about Russia:

Afanasév, A. N. Russian folk tales. Boulder [Colo.] : Shambhala ;, 1980.
Arnold, Helen. Russia. Austin, Tex. : Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 1996.
Butson, Thomas G. Ivan the Terrible. New York : Chelsea House, 1987.

Crouch, Marcus. Ivan. Oxford ;: Oxford University Press, 1989.
Ginsburg, Mirra. Clay boy. New York : Greenwillow Books, c1997.
Ginsburg, Mirra. The king who tried to fry an egg on his head : based on a Russian tale. New York : Macmillan ;, c1994.
Gray, Susan Heinrichs. Russia. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2002.
Harvey, Miles. Look what came from Russia. New York : Franklin Watts, c1999.
Haviland, Virginia. Favorite fairy tales told in Russia. Boston : Little, Brown, 1961. 
Hoffman, Mary. Clever Katya : a fairy tale from Old Russia. Brooklyn, N.Y. : Barefoot Books, c1998.
Johnson, Paul Brett. A perfect pork stew. New York : Orchard Books, 1998.
Marshak, S. The Month-Brothers : a Slavic tale. New York : Wm. Morrow, 1983.
Mayer, Marianna. Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave. New York : Morrow Junior Books, c1994.
McCaughrean, Geraldine. Grandma Chickenlegs. Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books, c2000. 
Murrell, Kathleen Berton. Russia. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 1998.
Nagishkin, Dmitriĭ. Folktales of the Amur : stories from the Russian Far East. New York : Harry N. Abrams, 1980. 
    I LOVE this book!!!!
Reyher, Rebecca. My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world : a Russian folktale. New York : Lothrop, Lee, & Shepard, c1945.
    I ADORED this book as a child!!!!
Riordan, James. Russian folk-tales. Oxford ;: Oxford University Press, c2000.
Robbins, Ruth. Baboushka and the three kings. Berkeley, Calif. : Parnassus Press, 1960.
Scott, Sally. The three wonderful beggars. New York : Greenwillow books, c1987.
Shepard, Aaron. The sea king's daughter : a Russian legend. New York, N.Y. : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c1997.
Tolstoy, Aleksey Nikolayevich. The gigantic turnip. Brooklyn, N.Y. : Barefoot Books, 1998.
Winthrop, Elizabeth. The little humpbacked horse : a Russian tale. New York : Clarion Books, c1997.
Yolen, Jane. The Firebird. New York : HarperCollinsPublishers, 2002.   ....
By this time we were already into the beginning of February, because of missing due to bad roads.  I had him next read SOTW ch. 24, regarding the Ottoman Empire.

For additional reading:

Bowden, Rob. Istanbul. New York, NY : Chelsea House, c2007.
Constantinople ; city on the Golden Horn. New York : American Heritage Pub. Co. :, 1969.
Demi. The hungry coat : a tale from Turkey. New York : Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2004.
DePaola, Tomie. The legend of the persian carpet. New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, c1993.
Hickox, Rebecca. The golden sandal : a Middle Eastern Cinderella story. New York : Holiday House, 1998.
Johnson-Davies, Denys. Goha the wise fool. New York : Philomel Books, 2005.
Mandell, Muriel. A donkey reads. New York : Star Bright Books, c2011.
Shah, Idries. Fatima the Spinner and the tent. Boston : Hoopoe Books, 2006.
Shollar, Leah. A thread of kindness : a Tzedaka story. Brooklyn, N.Y. : Hachai Pub., c2000.
Singh, Rina. Nearly nonsense : Hoja tales from Turkey. Toronto : Tundra Books, c2011.
Turkey : bridging the past and present. Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Pub., 2010.
Turkish groove [compact disc]. New York, NY : p2006. 1 sound disc :
Walker, Barbara K. A treasury of Turkish folktales for children. Hamden, Conn. : Linnet Books, c1988. 


Even though this child is very bright and a strong reader, he IS young and continues to like story books, so I always mix in plenty with good illustrations to encourage him to read as much as possible about a variety of topics/cultures!

Next, we turned to the subject of the Black Death.  Here is some reading related to that:
Avi. Crispin : the cross of lead. New York : Hyperion Books For Children, 2002. (my younger son really enjoyed the descriptions of what life was like for commoners at this time....)
Biel, Timothy L. Black death. San Diego, Calif. : Lucent Books, c1989.
Day, James. The Black Death. New York : Bookwright Press, 1989.
Langley, Andrew. Medieval life. New York : Knopf, 1996.
Peters, Stephanie True. The Black Death. New York : Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish, 2005.
Shuter, Jane. The Middle Ages. Chicago, Ill. : Heinemann Library, c2007. 
   The Middle Ages    -     By: Jane Shuter
Wroble, Lisa A. Kids in the Middle Ages. New York : Rosen Pub. Group's PowerKids Press, 1997.   

Unbelievable, but my library no longer has the dozens of books regarding this time period that they used to carry!  I guess no history topics are studied any more - even ones that used to be most popular....
There are some general medieval books thrown in to this list, too, because of the dearth of materials available, and children might like to look for any info specifically on the black death in those.
Here's an interactive map that shows you how the plague spread over time each time you click the right arrow:
Listen to or read the next chapter in SOTW, which covers this time period.
By the time we missed some more due to weather, it was the end of February and my student listened to chapter 26 in SOTW before we could meet again, so I then gave him some books to go along with that chapter, as well as some to go with chapter 27 (related topic):

Black arrow [DVD]. Visual Materials. Digiview Productions, c2005. (Hopefully follows the book well - this is a cartoon version)
 OR, here is a more serious presentation, although also WD....
Czarnota, Lorna. Medieval tales that kids can read & tell. Little Rock : August House, c2000. (Don't know if there's anything new here)
Demi. Joan of Arc. Tarrytown, NY : Marshall Cavendish Children, c2011. 
Hodges, Margaret. Joan of Arc : the lily maid. New York : Holiday House, c1999. (Recommending several of these.  If he chooses shorter versions, I would like him to make sure to read any author's notes at beginning or end.  I have been encouraging this all year to try to get him to read more of the history of these things, rather than just a story, but not sure if I'm having much luck with it....)
Joan of Arc : defender of France. Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Pub., 2008.  (Should probably include info on the 100 Years' War, too)
Lace, William W. The Wars of the Roses. San Diego, CA : Lucent Books, c1996. 
Lace, William W. The Hundred Years War. San Diego, Calif. : Lucent Books, c1994. (He may find this and the one above boring to read cover to cover, but perhaps looking at some of the pictures and reading excerpts will help give him a feel for these time periods)
Macdonald, Fiona. Women in medieval times. Chicago : Peter Bedrick Books, c2000.  (More general info on the state of women's affairs during this time period, since we tend to focus on the men more....)
Macdonald, Fiona. You wouldn't want to be Joan of Arc! : a mission you might want to miss. New York : Franklin Watts, c2010. 
Mayer, Marianna. The adventures of Tom Thumb. New York : SeaStar Books, c2001. (A fairytale from this time period - I try to encourage him to read any author's notes at beginning or end of these shorter books regarding the history of where the stories come from, etc.  Don't know if this one has any such notes....)
Platt, Richard. In the beginning-- : the nearly complete history of almost everything. London ;: Dorling Kindersley, 1995. (May contain info on the 100 Years' War)
Poole, Josephine. Joan of Arc. New York : Knopf, c1998. 
Stanley, Diane. Joan of Arc. New York : Morrow Junior Books, 1998. 
Williams, Marcia. Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare!. Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press, c2000. (Read Richard III and if Henry V is in there, read it, too)

Here's a little more on the Hundred Years' War time period, since our library has so little available now:

War of the Roses:

Since they do have an animated version of The Black Arrow I thought my student could watch and perhaps enjoy that (the book is hard to read and long - difficult syntax, too).  If it follows the book appropriately, then it does detail the time period during the War of the Roses to give a feel for what it was like for people caught up in it....

Next time we met, we covered both chapters 28 and 30, because I was not sure how much reading would be available for those two topics at my library, which has been getting rid of books like crazy the last ten years.  Then I planned to do, perhaps, at least a couple of weeks on medieval African nations (ch. 29), and then turn to the new world (ch. 31, 32) and stop for a short time to do more regarding various Native American groups before moving forward again.  My student had been asking about Native American groups during the year and seemed interested in studying more about them (so hopefully we'll be able to find some books left in our library!)
Sooooo, next time ended up being into March, as we were STILL missing due to all the snow! 
Additional reading for chs. 28 and 30:
Burch, Joann Johansen. Isabella of Castile : Queen on horseback. New York : F. Watts, 1991.
Gallagher, Aileen. Prince Henry, the navigator : pioneer of modern exploration. New York : Rosen Pub. Group, 2003.
Front Cover
Mann, Kenny. Isabel, Ferdinand and fifteenth-century Spain. New York : Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish, c2002.
If the student can just read portions of these to get a flavor of the times, that would be great!
And, since none of the above are really "fun" books and this is all our library now has to offer, additional reading for ch. 30, regarding India under the Moghuls:

Godden, Rumer. Premlata and the Festival of Lights. New York : Greenwillow Books, 1997.
Rothfarb, Ed. In the land of the Taj Mahal : the world of the fabulous Mughals. New York : H. Holt, 1998
  This book really does cover the Mughal rulers very well....

By the end of March, we were finally ready to read SOTW ch. 29 regarding African Kingdoms.

Additional books regarding Africa:

Aardema, Verna. Traveling to Tondo : a tale of the Nkundo of Zaire. New York : Knopf, 1991.

African kingdoms. New York, NY : Kids Discover, 2010.

Angelou, Maya. Kofi and his magic. New York : Clarkson Potter, c1996.

Badoe, Adwoa. The pot of wisdom : Ananse stories. Toronto ;: Douglas & McIntyre, c2001.

Brook, Larry. Daily life in ancient and modern Timbuktu. Minneapolis : Runestone Press, 1999.

Bryan, Ashley. Ashley Bryan's African tales, uh-huh. New York, N.Y. : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c1998

Burns, Khephra. Mansa Musa : the lion of Mali. San Diego : Harcourt Brace & Co., 2001.

Corrigan, Jim. Ethiopia. Philadelphia : Mason Crest Publishers, c2005.

Daly, Niki. Pretty Salma : a Little Red Riding Hood story from Africa. New York : Clarion Books, 26 x 27 cm.

Day, Nancy Raines. The lion's whiskers : an Ethiopian folktale. New York : Scholastic, c1995.

Diakité, Baba Wagué. The magic gourd. New York : Scholastic Press, 2003.

Diakité, Baba Wagué. The hatseller and the monkeys : a West African folktale. New York : Scholastic Press, c1999.

Ethiopia. Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Pub., 2009.

Haskins, James. Count your way through South Africa. Minneapolis : Millbrook Press, c2007.

Heinrichs, Ann. South Africa. New York : Children's Press, c1997.

Hermes, Jules. The children of Morocco. Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books, c1995.

Lottridge, Celia Barker. The name of the tree : a bantu folktale. New York : M.K. McElderry Books, c1990.

The Name of the Tree

MacDonald, Joan Vos. Tanzania. Philadelphia : Mason Crest Publishers, c2005.

Mann, Kenny. Ghana, Mali, Songhay : the Western Sudan. Parsippany, N.J. : Dillon Press, c1996.

Martin, Francesca. Clever Tortoise : a traditional African tale. Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press, c2000.

Medearis, Angela Shelf. Seven spools of thread : a Kwanzaa story. Morton Grove, Ill. : Albert Whitman, c2000.

Medearis, Angela Shelf. Too much talk. Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 1995.

Morocco. Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Pub., 2001.

Musgrove, Margaret. The spider weaver : a legend of kente cloth. New York : Blue Sky Press, c2001.

Peffer-Engels, John. The Benin Kingdom of West Africa. New York : PowerKids Press, 1996.

Poisson, Barbara Aoki. Ghana. Philadelphia : Mason Crest Publishers, c2005.

Prentzas, G. S. It's cool to learn about countries. Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ann Arbor, Mich. : Cherry Lake Pub., c2013.

Rumford, James. Traveling man : the journey of Ibn Battuta, 1325-1354. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2001.

Shah, Idries. Fatima the Spinner and the tent. Boston : Hoopoe Books, 2006.

Sheehan, Sean. Angola. New York : M. Cavendish, 1999.

Sonneborn, Liz. The Ancient Kushites. J939.78 So59a

St. John, Lauren. The elephant's tale. New York : Dial Books for Young Readers ;, 2010, c2009.

Tales from Africa. New York : Kingfisher, 2000.

Wisniewski, David. Sundiata : lion king of Mali. New York : Clarion Books, 1992.

Here are some BBC history pages on these cultures:  (click on link on the bottom left for quiz)

The Quest for the Magic Calabash (with Anansi):

I asked my student to do the geographic regions tutorial on this page (top row, right):

...then play the game about geographic regions which is listed right under the tutorial....

I also asked him to do the bodies of water tutorial (right column, next to last), then take the quiz on it, too (last item on right).

I had him do some map labeling related to these when we met again.

I also asked him to read this little bit about the Sahara, which includes 5 short pages (through Taureg):

This post is long enough, so I will break down the end of the year into another one!


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