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Last History Topics for 2013-14 School Year (late Medieval/Beginnings of Age of Exploration)

Picking back up with the spring of 2014, we studied the Age of Exploration for a couple of weeks.  I asked my student to listen to SOTW ch. 31.

Additional reading possibilities (for two weeks):

Adler, David A. A picture book of Christopher Columbus. New York : Holiday House, c1991.
Alper, Ann Fitzpatrick. Forgotten voyager : the story of Amerigo Vespucci. Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books, c1991. 
Burgan, Michael. Magellan : Ferdinand Magellan and the first trip around the world. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2002.
D'Aulaire, Ingri. Columbus. Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, 1987, c1955. 
Donaldson-Forbes, Jeff. Amerigo Vespucci. New York : PowerKids Press, 2002.
Fritz, Jean. Brendan the Navigator : a history mystery about the discovery of America. New York : Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, c1979. 
Fritz, Jean. Where do you think you're going, Christopher Columbus?. New York : Putnam, c1980.
Fritz, Jean. Around the world in a hundred years : from Henry the Navigator to Magellan. New York : Putnam's, c1994. 
     We used this book as the basis for our study!
Gallagher, Jim. Ferdinand Magellan and the first voyage around the world. Philadelphia : Chelsea House, c2000.
Gleiter, Jan. Christopher Columbus. Austin : Raintree Steck-Vaughn, c1995.
Goodman, Joan E. A long and uncertain journey : the 27,000-mile voyage of Vasco da Gama. New York : Mikaya Press, c2001.
Hoogenboom, Lynn. Amerigo Vespucci : a primary source biography. New York : PowerKids Press, 2006.
Macdonald, Fiona. Magellan : a voyage around the world. New York : Franklin Watts, 1998.
Maestro, Betsy. The discovery of the Americas. New York : Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, c1991.
Mattern, Joanne. The travels of Vasco da Gama. Austin, TX : Steadwell Books, c2001.
Sís, Peter. Follow the dream. New York : Knopf, 1991.
Snedden, Robert. Explor-a-maze. Brookfield, Conn. : Millbrook Press, 1998.
           Explore-a-maze by Robert Sneddon

Twist, Clint. Magellan and da Gama : to the Far East and beyond. Austin, Tex. : Raintree Steck-Vaughn, c1994.
I asked my student to jot down some of the interesting things about each of the four main explorers he was reading about from this time period and then for next week write a short piece comparing some of the things they did or encountered, problems, creative solutions, etc. that were the same for each of them, as well as some things that were unique to each of them (so, two paragraphs, and he can dictate those if needed).  Asked him to compose in complete sentences, please.

Here is a short page on Prince Henry to read:

Our library doesn't have any children's books that cover him except the Jean Fritz book (Around the World).

Here's also another page with brief info on other explorers of the 1400's that we are not focusing on in our reading (in case you might like to read more on any of them; you can click on most for further bios):

and the early 1500's:

(We are only covering Magellan from this group at this time.  When we look at North America, we will touch more on Balboa, de Vaca, Coronado, Cortes, de Soto, and Ponce de Leon.)

I asked my student to study these exploration terms for a word study and I quizzed him on them (the second week of our study):
Next, I had my student listen to the next two chapters in SOTW, 32 and 33; the ones about the New World (second one incorporates more explorers, too).

Here is the list of extra reading for JUST week one, so choose what you will to read as I will have an equally lengthy list for the second week of the study!

Ancient Aztec empire [DVD]. Visual Materials. Schlessinger Media, c2004.
Aztecs. New York : Kids Discover, 2013. 
Baquedano, Elizabeth. Aztec, Inca & Maya. London ;: Dorling Kindersley, c2000.
Bierhorst, John. The monkey's haircut : and other stories told by the Maya. New York : Morrow, c1986.
Burleigh, Robert. Chocolate : riches from the rainforest. New York : Harry N. Abrams, c2002.
Calvert, Patricia. The ancient Inca. New York : Franklin Watts, c2004.
Coulter, Laurie. Ballplayers and bonesetters : one hundred ancient Aztec and Maya jobs you might have adored or abhorred. Toronto ;: Annick Press, c2008. 
Coulter, Laurie. Secrets in stone : all about Maya hieroglyphs. Boston : Little, Brown, c2001.
Crandell, Rachel. Hands of the Maya : villagers at work and play. New York : Henry Holt and Company, 2002.
de Las Casas, Dianne. Blue frog : the legend of chocolate. Gretna [La.] : Pelican Pub. Co., 2011.
Fisher, Leonard Everett. Gods and goddesses of the ancient Maya. New York : Holiday House, 1999.
Garcia, Guy. Spirit of the Maya : a boy explores his people's mysterious past. New York : Walker, 1995.
Gerson, Mary-Joan. People of corn : a Mayan story. Boston : Little, Brown, c1995.
Greene, Jacqueline Dembar. The Maya. New York : F. Watts, 1992.
Gruber, Beth. Ancient Inca : archaeology unlocks the secrets of the Inca's past. Washington, DC : National Geographic, c2007.
Halls, Kelly Milner. Mysteries of the mummy kids. Plain City, Ohio : Darby Creek Pub., c2007.
Harris, Nathaniel, 1937-. Ancient maya : archaeology unlocks the secrets to the Maya's past. Washington, DC : National Geographic, c2007.
Hynson, Colin. You wouldn't want to be an Inca mummy! : a one-way journey you'd rather not make. New York : Franklin Watts, 2008.
Kimmel, Eric A. The two mountains : an Aztec legend. New York : Holiday House, c2000.
Kirkpatrick, Naida. The Maya. Chicago, Ill. : Heinemann Library, c2003.
Kurtz, Jane. Miro in the kingdom of the sun. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., 1996.
Lepthien, Emilie U. Llamas. New York : Children's Press, c1996.
Lourie, Peter. Hidden world of the Aztec. Honesdale, Pa. : Boyds Mills Press, c2006.
Lourie, Peter. Lost treasure of the Inca. Honesdale, Pa. : Boyds Mills Press, c1999.
Macdonald, Fiona. You wouldn't want to be an Aztec sacrifice!. New York : Franklin Watts, 2001.
Macdonald, Fiona. The Aztec and Mayan worlds. New York : Rosen Pub., 2009.
Maloy, Jackie. The ancient Maya. New York : Children's Press, 2010.
Mann, Elizabeth. Machu Picchu. New York : Mikaya Press, c2000.
***Mathews, Sally Schofer. The Sad Night : the story of an Aztec victory and a Spanish loss. New York : Clarion Books, c1994.
Matthews, Rupert. You wouldn't want to be a Mayan soothsayer! : fortunes you'd rather not tell. New York : Franklin Watts, 2008.
McDermott, Gerald. Musicians of the sun. New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1997.
Meyer, Carolyn. The mystery of the ancient Maya. New York : Margaret K. McElderry Books, 1995.
Montejo, Victor. Popol Vuh : a sacred book of the Maya. Toronto ;: Douglas & McIntyre, c1999.
Mora, Pat. The night the moon fell : a Maya myth. Toronto : Douglas & McIntyre ;, c2000.
Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw. Quetzal : sacred bird of the Cloud Forest. New York : Morrow Junior Books, c1996.
Pitkänen, Matti A. The grandchildren of the Incas. Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books, 1991.
Press, Petra. The Maya. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2002.
Rees, Rosemary. The Incas. Des Plaines, Ill. : Heinemann Library, c1999.
Reinhard, Johan. Discovering the Inca Ice Maiden : my adventures on Ampato. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, 1998.
Sherrow, Victoria. The Maya Indians. New York : Chelsea House Publishers, c1994.
Silate, Jennifer. Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. Farmington Hills, MI : KidHaven Press, c2006.
Sonneborn, Liz. The ancient Aztecs. New York : Franklin Watts, c2005.
Steele, Philip. The Aztec news. Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 1997.
Stuart, George E. The mysterious Maya. Washington, D. C. : National Geographic Society, c1977.
***Tanaka, Shelley. Lost temple of the Aztecs : what it was when the Spaniards invaded Mexico. New York, NY : Hyperion ;, c1998.
**The Olmecs : America's oldest civilization (1300-400 B.C.). Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Pub., 2004. 
West, David. Mesoamerican myths. New York : Rosen Central, c2006.
Wyborny, Sheila. The Aztec empire. San Diego : Blackbirch Press, c2004.
[**I asked my student to definitely read The Sad Night.  If it is not available, Lost Temple (Tanaka), could be read, instead.  These cover the Aztec encounter with Cortes.
I also asked him to read:  Bergen, Lara. The travels of Francisco Pizarro. Austin : Steadwell Books, c2000, if possible.  This book covers major encounters with the Inca.
The Maya had some contact, but were not decimated for gold as the other civilizations were.  Still, the contacts led to decimation of their civilization due to disease which is a theme we will see again and again....
After reading about both Cortes and Pizarro, I asked him to do another couple of paragraphs comparing and contrasting their travels and experiences as he did with earlier explorers.  He did a good job with that!
I also asked him to read the Cobblestone on the Olmecs.  (If he reads the Tanaka book, it will also cover Tenochtitlan....)]
Once we took a look at some of the more sophisticated groups of Native Americans found in Central and South America, I turned to a sampling of the many groups that lived in North America proper (amazing that our library actually carries a few books on at least one topic we've covered this year), so choose what you will to read!  I just asked that my student at least read some (look at pictures, etc.) from the books simply entitled The Iroquois, The Cherokee, etc.  Most are 32-48 pages in length, so not too long, and will give a good idea of the structure of that particular group.  Just reading their legends without reading some about their culture will not necessarily help one get a good feel for how they lived (although a lot of the books of myths I suggest do have author notes at beginning and/or end that do help explain the stories in the context of the cultures they are coming out of)....

For the myths, anything by Bruchac is always excellently done, so do try to get those if you can....

Ata, Te. Baby rattlesnake. San Francisco, Calif. : Children's Book Press ;, c1989.  
Bial, Raymond. Longhouses. New York : Children's Press, 2004.
Bierhorst, John. The woman who fell from the sky : the Iroquois story of creation. New York : W. Morrow, 1993.
Brooks, Barbara. The Seminole. Vero Beach, Fla. : Rourke Publications, c1989.
Bruchac, Joseph. Iroquois stories : heroes and heroines, monsters and magic. Trumansburg, N.Y. : Crossing Press, c1985. 
Bruchac, Joseph. The boy who lived with the bears : and other Iroquois stories. New York : HarperCollinsPublishers, c1995.
Bruchac, Joseph. The story of the Milky Way : a Cherokee tale. New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, 1995.
Bruchac, Joseph. The first strawberries : a Cherokee story. New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, 1993.
Chickasaw. San Diego : Blackbirch Press, c2004.
De Capua, Sarah. The Cherokee. New York : Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish, c2006.
Doherty, Craig A. The Chickasaw. Vero Beach, Fla. : Rourke Publications, 1994.
Front Cover
Dolbear, Emily J. The Iroquois. New York : Children's Press, c2011.
Esbensen, Barbara Juster. The star maiden : an Ojibway tale. Boston : Little, Brown, and Co., c1988.
Esbensen, Barbara Juster. Ladder to the sky : how the gift of healing came to the Ojibway Nation : a legend retold. Boston : Little, Brown, c1989.
Fradin, Dennis B. Hiawatha : messenger of peace. New York : M.K. McElderry Books ;, c1992.
Greene, Jacqueline Dembar. The Chippewa. New York : F. Watts, c1993.
Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane. Lacrosse : the national game of the Iroquois. New York : Holiday House, c1998.
Lassieur, Allison. The Choctaw nation. Mankato, Minn. : Bridgestone Books, c2001.
Levine, Ellen. If you lived with the Iroquois. New York : Scholastic, c1998.
Lund, Bill. The Ojibwa Indians. Mankato, Minn. : Bridgestone Books, c1997.
Lunge-Larsen, Lise. The legend of the lady slipper : an Ojibwe tale. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1999. 
McCarthy, Cathy. The Ojibwa. Austin : Raintree Steck-Vaughn, c2001.  
Newman, Shirlee Petkin. The Creek. New York : Franklin Watts, c1996.
Press, Petra. The Iroquois. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2001.
Press, Petra. The Cherokee. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2002.
Press, Petra. The Seminole. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2002.
Roop, Peter. --If you lived with the Cherokee. New York : Scholastic, 1998.
Ross, Gayle. How Turtle's back was cracked : a traditional Cherokee tale. New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, c1995.
San Souci, Robert D. Sootface : an Ojibwa Cinderella story. New York : Delacorte Press, 1994.
Sherrow, Victoria. The Iroquois Indians. New York : Chelsea House, c1992.
Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk. The Iroquois. New York : Holiday House, c1995.
Spider spins a story : fourteen legends from Native America. Flagstaff, AZ : Rising Moon, c1997.
Stone, Amy. Creek. Milwaukee, WI : Gareth Stevens Pub., c2005.
Tingle, Tim. When Turtle grew feathers : a folktale from the Choctaw nation. Atlanta : August House LittleFolk, 2007.
Wood, Douglas. The Windigo's return : a North Woods story. New York, N.Y. : Simon & Schuster for Young Readers, 1996.
And then, finally, I had him take a look at books related to native groups in the Western part of the country, as well a some Inuit groups:

Arnold, Caroline. The ancient cliff dwellers of Mesa Verde. New York : Clarion Books, c1992. 
The Ancient Cliff Dwellers of Mesa Verde
Bania, Michael. Kumak's fish : a tall tale from the far north. Portland, Or. : Alaska Northwest Books, 2004. 
Bell, Hilari. Songs of power. New York : Hyperion, c2000.
Bial, Raymond. The Chumash. New York : Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish, c2004.
Cunningham, Kevin. The Inuit. New York : Children's Press, c2011.
Cunningham, Kevin. The Pueblo. New York : Children's Press, c2011.
Dabcovich, Lydia. The polar bear son : an Inuit tale. New York : Clarion Books, 1997.
Dixon, Ann. How Raven brought light to people. New York : M.K. McElderry Books, c1992.
Eder, Jeanne M. Oyawin. The Makah. Austin, Tex. : Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers, c2000.1999.
Finley, Carol. Art of the Far North : Inuit sculpture, drawing, and printmaking. Minneapolis, Minn. : Lerner Publications, 1998.
Fisher, Leonard Everett. Anasazi. New York, N.Y. : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c1997.
Goodman, Susan E. Stones, bones, and petroglyphs : digging into Southwest archaeology. New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1998.
Hausman, Gerald. The story of Blue Elk. New York : Clarion Books, c1998.
Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane. Totem pole. New York : Holiday House, c1990.
Keegan, Marcia. Pueblo boy : growing up in two worlds. New York : Cobblehill Books, c1991.
Larson, Timothy. Anasazi. Austin, TX : Raintree Steck-Vaughn, c2001.
Lassieur, Allison. The Inuit. Mankato, Minn. : Bridgestone Books, c2000.
Lewis, Paul Owen. Storm boy. Hillsboro, Or. : Beyond Words Pub. ;, c1995.
Lourie, Peter. The lost world of the Anasazi : exploring the mysteries of the Chaco Canyon. Honesdale, Pa. : Boyds Mills Press, [2007].
Lyon, George Ella. Dreamplace. New York : Orchard Books, c1993.
McDermott, Gerald. Arrow to the sun : a Pueblo Indian tale. New York : Viking Press, 1974.
Meyer, Kathleen Allan. Ishi. New York : Dillon Press, c1980.
Mott, Evelyn Clarke. Dancing rainbows : a Pueblo boy's story. New York : Cobblehill Books/Dutton, c1996.
Norman, Howard A. The girl who dreamed only geese : and other tales of the Far North. New York : Harcourt Brace, c1997.
Press, Petra. The Pueblo. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2001.
Preszler, June. Igloos. Mankato, Minn. : Capstone Press, c2005.
Preszler, June. Pueblos. Mankato, Minn. : Capstone Press, c2005.
Rosen, Michael. Crow and Hawk : a traditional Pueblo Indian story. San Diego : Harcourt Brace, 1995.
Rosinsky, Natalie M. The inuit. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2005.
Ross, Pamela. The Pueblo Indians. Mankato, Minn. : Bridgestone Books, c1999.
Steltzer, Ulli. Building an igloo. New York : H. Holt, 1995.
Wallace, Mary. The Inuksuk book. Toronto, Ont. : Owl Books ;, c1999.
Williams, Colleen Madonna Flood. Homes of the Native Americans. Philadelphia : Mason Crest Publishers, c2003.
Williams, Suzanne. Tlingit Indians. Chicago, Ill. : Heinemann Library, c2003.
Williams, Suzanne. Chinook Indians. Chicago, Ill. : Heinemann Library, c2003.
Wisniewski, David. The wave of the Sea-Wolf. New York : Clarion Books, c1994.
Wood, Audrey. The rainbow bridge : inspired by a Chumash tale. San Diego : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, c1995.
Yacowitz, Caryn. Inuit Indians. Chicago. Ill. : Heinemann Library, c2003.
Young, Robert. A personal tour of Mesa Verde. Minneapolis : Lerner Publications Co., c1999
Cover of: A personal tour of Mesa Verde by Young, Robert
All this reading still really doesn't even touch the groups of the Great Plains and Basin regions, but alas I feared we should move on, so I stopped after this! 
We finished up talking about the Aztec, Inca, Maya today (mostly, although I still had some little things I wanted to give him related to those cultures: little T/F quiz and vocab cards; and a more general matching activity for pottery types), and started talking a little about the groups living in the eastern half of North America. 
He was given a crossword puzzle he could work on related to the Aztec, Inca, Maya (and I also gave him a little geography puzzle book and guide to keep last week, related to the Aztec and Mexico, in general).  I also gave him a little folded report form to write some things for me about the Maya.  I told him we'd attach it to his timeline after he finished (we'll attach the vocab/quiz cards, too, for something different and interactive he can use again if he wants)....
And, I couldn't resist so I ended up giving him some more Native American titles regarding various groups of the great plains, just in case he had time to read any of those:

Ancona, George. Powwow. San Diego : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, c1993.
Apache. San Diego : Blackbirch Press, c2002. 
Bial, Raymond. The Crow. New York : Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, c2006.
Bunting, Eve. Moonstick : the seasons of the Sioux. New York : HarperCollins Publishers, c1997.
Cunningham, Kevin. The Sioux. New York : Children's Press, c2011.
Cunningham, Kevin. The Comanche. New York : Children's Press, c2011.
Ditchfield, Christin. The Blackfoot. New York : Children's Press, c2005.
Eagle Walking Turtle. Full moon stories : thirteen Native American legends. New York : Hyperion Books for Children, 1997.
Friedman, Mark. The Apache. New York : Children's Press, c2011.
Goble, Paul. The lost children : the boys who were neglected. New York : Bradbury Press ;, c1993.
Goble, Paul. Star Boy. Scarsdale, N.Y. : Bradbury Press, c1983.
Goble, Paul. The legend of the White Buffalo Woman. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, c1998.
The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman
King, David C. The Ojibwe. New York : Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, c2007.
Left Hand Bull, Jacqueline. Lakota hoop dancer. New York : Dutton Children's Books, c1999.
Lunge-Larsen, Lise. The legend of the lady slipper : an Ojibwe tale. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1999.
Nelson, S. D. Gift horse : a Lakota story. New York : Harry N. Abrams, c1999.
Press, Petra. The Sioux. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2001.
Press, Petra. The Apache. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2002.
Rodanas, Kristina. Dance of the sacred circle : a native American tale. Boston : Little, Brown, c1994.
Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk. The Sioux. New York : Holiday House, c1993.
Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk. The Apaches. New York : Holiday House, c1997.
Spider spins a story : fourteen legends from Native America. Flagstaff, AZ : Rising Moon, c1997.
Van Laan, Nancy. Rainbow crow : a Lenape tale. New York : Knopf, 1989.
Rainbow Crow : A Lenape Tale
I hated to pass those up when it's the only topic all year our library has had much on, lol....
By this time, we were into May and getting ready to finish up for the year, so I asked my student to listen to the next two chapters of SOTW, regarding the Reformation and Renaissance.
Additional reading:

Crisis of faith : the reformation. Peterborough, N.H. : Cobblestone Publishing Co., 2012.
Howarth, Sarah. Renaissance people. Brookfield, Conn. : Millbrook Press, c1992.
January, Brendan. Science in the Renaissance. New York : Franklin Watts, c1999.
León, Vicki. Outrageous women of the Renaissance. New York : John Wiley, c1999.
Maier, Paul L. Martin Luther : a man who changed the world. St. Louis : Concordia Pub. House, c2004.
Martin Luther - A Man Who Changed The World
Martin Luther. Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Pub., 1999.
Morley, Jacqueline. A Renaissance town. New York : P. Bedrick Books, 1996.
Morrison, Taylor. Antonio's apprenticeship : painting a fresco in Renaissance Italy. New York : Holiday House, 1996.
Antonio's Apprenticeship: Painting a Fresco in Renaissance Italy
Prum, Deborah Mazzotta. Rats, bulls and flying machines : a history of the Renaissance and
Reformation. Charlottesville, VA : Core Knowledge Foundation, c1999.
Waldman, Nomi J. The Italian Renaissance. San Diego : Kidhaven Press, 2004.
Wood, Tim. The Renaissance. New York : Viking, 1993. 
And that is where we ended the year.  We picked back up with more review of the Renaissance and Reformation periods at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year (more on that later)....


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