Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 13 Work....

Here's what we got accomplished this week:

Bible:  Continued with "Greatest Story" tapes.

Math:  Algebra class and homework; Russian Math work at home.

Geography:  Continued with 50 States work book.

Language Arts:  Continued Easy Grammar and outside Lit/Writing class.  Worked on preparation of Route 66 presentation for December 2 class.  Continued with Vocab for the College Bound.

Read from Writing Winning Reports and Essays, Paul Janeczko, the chapter on writing a summary of a book.


The Happy Prince, Stephanie Laslett

The Hole in the Dike, Norma Green

Little Red Cap, Lisbeth Zwerger, illus. (Brothers Grimm)

The Waters of Life, Barbara Rogasky (Bros. Grimm)

George Handel, Mike Venezia

The Farewell Symphony, Anna Celenza - we also are listening to the CD that goes along with it!

Introducing Bach, Roland Vernon

Introducing Bach (Introducing Composers)

Latin:  Worked more on crossword; did lessons 11 and 12; took quiz over word list 3.

Greek:  Completed chapter 13.

Spanish:  Attended outside class.  Began work in chapter 3 of Barron's.

Logic:  Continued to ignore it....

History:  Read about Prussia using:  Kingfisher; Enchantment of the World: Germany; and also read Calliope's "Maria Theresa, Habsburg Ruler".  Son read SOTW ch. 14 and outlined one section.

(And here's a Teacher's Guide that goes along with it: )

Also began study of Colonial America during the time of the French and Indian Wars, using Kingfisher.  Son read SOTW ch. 15.  He also read The Iroquois, Virginia Sneve, and Struggle for a Continent, Betsy and Giulio Maestro.

Struggle for a Continent By Betsy Maestro Illustrated by Giulio Maestro The Iroquois (First Americans Books)

Chemistry:  Son read Simple Science Experiments with Water, Eiji and Masako Orii and chose experiments he wants to do.  He also read How to Think Like a Scientist, Stephen Kramer.

He read two chapters in the John Tiner book, Exploring the World of Chemistry and answered the chapter questions.  And he continued in his Matter work book, also completing some loose work sheets in preparation for the next round of experiments that we're going to be doing.

Exploring the World of Chemistry  -     
        By: John Hudson Tiner

Art:  He finished glazing his pot and is working on a sketch of a tank.  He went through his dress rehearsal for his play, which will be performed on December 2.

Music:  He had a piano lesson and is completing his fact finder - but it's on Leopold Mozart rather than Haydn, as I presumed.  He had his last guitar lesson of the semester.

PE:  He continued with indoor soccer clinic and games; he had his last volleyball class of the semester.

LEGO League:  They finalized their plans for their skit and are pulling together their props and costumes.  I think programming is completed, but I might be wrong about that....

We attended a two hour computer class today:  Word II.  We took the Word I class at the end of last month.  We'll be taking a Publisher I class later this month....

And we went to see Harry Potter to start off our holiday week off!

Now I've got to get the house cleaned for company....



Moonbeam said...

Looks like a full week. Enjoy the week off and the company!

Mary said...

I love all the books! We'll be reading Farewell Symphony very soon.

Enjoy your time off :)

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