Sunday, April 26, 2015

First Grade Daily Schedule

This is the framework I used with my younger son in first grade.  Yes, this was constantly disrupted by other outside activities, but you have to have some sort of guide to help keep you on track.  Luckily, my son never got car sick.  We would have him do some work in the car and I also recorded many, many, MANY books and other info onto tape so he could listen to things while I was driving places!  I would say, "Turn the page," to cue him so that he could look at the pictures as I read to him.  You CAN manage to get your homeschool work done AND also do lots of hands-on classes and field trips!  You just have to use a little ingenuity to think how you can cover a topic while traveling.  All that down time IS usable....  Don't want to record your own books (or don't have time)?  Look for books on tape or short videos related to your topic or other things that could be looked at on a tablet, etc. while in the car.  There are many, many ways to accomplish schooling....

Phonics - 8-8:20

Reading - 8:25-8:45

Bible - 8:45-9:05

Music - 9:05-9:25

Math - 9:25-9:45

Writing Practice - 9:45-10:05

Grammar and Spelling - 10:05-10:25

Literature - 10:30-10:50 (We always had extra time to read more!)

Math - 10:55-11:15

Geography - 11:20-11:40

Math and Spanish - 11:45-12:00 - Why would I cram two subjects together with so little time?  We always had extra time to get this work done and if we ever didn't, Spanish could be skipped for the day at this age....

Lunch - 12-1

Science - 1-2

History - 2-3

Abbreviated Friday Schedule (because this was the day we most often traveled for field trips):

Grammar and Spelling
Spanish (if time permitted)

Our field trips/activities were generally science or history related.  So, for example, in the first two months of our biology study (starting with classification and animals, then birds, then reptiles, etc....), we did a pond and stream study near our home (microscopic life); got a kitten (already planned and looking); began incubating quail eggs; visited the USAF Museum for a homeschool day there; visited the Horsepark here; visited the Cincinnati Zoo with an emphasis on mammals and birds; did a walk at a local arboretum (because it was the right time of fall to collect nuts and seeds, etc.); and bought anoles as we got into our reptile studies....


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