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Reposting - Second Grade Medieval History Plan

Yet another post that somehow got "lost" - I suppose when Blogger switched over.  In checking my site without being signed in, I found that I could not pull up these posts, even though they are still buried in my list of published posts when I am signed on....  After trying to access them in numerous ways, I decided it was just best to repost them for access....

Here are the readings we did for history during second grade, using Story of the World II as our spine.  There are also three other books that I mention often that include two-page spreads we used a lot at this age.  These are Dorling Kindersley's Picturepedia: People in the Past; DK's How Children Lived, Chris Rice; and A Child's Eye View of History, Fiona Macdonald.  My original computer documents were lost long ago during a crash, and I am reconstructing these lists from my notes for the year.  I will try to add in my son's reading and our literature selections for the year at a later time.

Week 1:

Read "Glory That was Rome" from SOTW
Read from Gladiator, Richard Watkins
Read from How Children Lived and People in the Past, re: Roman Life

I Wonder why Romans Wore Togas and Other Questions About Ancient Rome, Fiona Macdonald

Read "The Early Days of Britain" from SOTW
The Celts, Hazel Martell

Week 2:

Read from SOTW re: early church history
Read the first three chapters from Life in the Middle Ages, The Church, Kathryn Hinds
Read from The Story of Writing and Printing, Anita Ganeri

BBC Factfinders: The Anglo-Saxons, Rowena Loverance

Week 3:

Read from SOTW re: the Byzantine Empire
Read from Greenleaf's Famous Men of the Middle Ages re: Justinian the Great
Read intro and chapter 1 of The Byzantine Empire, James Corrick
Began reading The King who was and will be: The World of King Arthur and his Knights, Kevin Crossley-Holland (re: origin of Arthur legends and medieval world in general)
Read chapter 2 of The Byzantine Empire re: Byzantine society

Week 4:

Read about Medieval India in SOTW
In the Heart of the Village: the World of the Indian Banyan Tree, Barbara Bash

Read about the rise of Islam in SOTW
Read from Usborne book of World Religions re: Islam
Read about Medieval Baghdad in Child's Eye View of History
Read about the flight to Medina from Cities of Splendour

Ramadan, Susan Douglass
The Story of Religion, Maestro

Week 5:

Read Ch. 7 of SOTW re: Islamic Empire
Read from Islam, World of Beliefs, Neil Morris
Read from The Arabs in the Golden Age, Mokhtar Moktefi

Muhammad, Demi

Week 6:

Read about the great dynasties of China in SOTW
Read about China and the Silk Road from A Child's Eye View of History
Read chapters 1-3 in Science in Ancient China, George Beshore

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient China, Leonard Everett Fisher

Week 7: 

Read SOTW chapter on Japan and Korea
Read from Heroines: Great Women Through the Ages, Rebecca Hazell re: Lady Murasaki Shikibu
Read selected info from Japan: The Culture, Bobbie Kalman
Read from How Children Lived re: Japan

Look into the Past: The Japanese, Clare Doran

Read from SOTW re: Australia's Aborigines
Read about Aborigines from A Child's Eye View of History and How Children Lived (DK)

Destination Australia, Brupper
An Adventure in New Zealand, The Cousteau Society

Week 8:

Read about the Franks in SOTW
Read about Clovis from Greenleaf: Famous Men

Look What Came from France, Miles Harvey

Week 9:

Read from SOTW re: Islamic Invasion of Spain
Read about Arabic in Leonard Fisher's Alphabet Art

Count Your  way Through the Arab World, Jim Haskins
Children of the World: Spain, Marylee Knowlton

Read about the great kings of France in SOTW
Read about Charles Martel, Pepin, and Charlemagne in Greenleaf: Famous Men
Read about Charlemagne from Ten Kings and the Worlds They Ruled, Milton Meltzer and also from
Kings and Queens for God, Carol Greene (exercise caution with all Meltzer's works)
Read most of the first two sections of Charlemagne and the Early Middle Ages, Miriam Greenblatt

Week 10:

Read about the Vikings from SOTW
Read about the Vikings from A Child's Eye View of History; How Children Lived; People in the Past

Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky, Barbara Schiller
The Grand Children of the Vikings, Matti Pitkanen
Growing up in Viking Times, Dominic Tweddle
Who Were the Vikings? Usborne

Week 11:

Read about the kings of England from SOTW
Read epilogue from The Battle of Hastings, William Lace re: importance of this war
From Kings and Queens for God, Carol Greene, read about Alfred of Wessex, Edward the Confessor, and Matilda of Scotland (Good Queen Maud)
Read from The Tower of London, Leonard E. Fisher

Week 12:

Read about England after conquest from SOTW

Knights, Philip Steele
Castle at War, Andrew Langley (DK)
A Medieval Feast, Aliki

Week 13:

Read about knights and samurai from SOTW
Read about samurai from People in the Past

In the Time of Knights, Shelley Tanaka

Week 14:

Read about the Crusades from SOTW
Read about the Children's Crusade from A Child's Eye View of History
Read about the crusades in Great Events That Changed the World, Brian Delf

St. Francis, Brian Wildsmith
A Samurai Castle, Fiona Macdonald
Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam, Diane Stanley

Week 15:

Read about England's Plantagenet kings: Richard, John, etc. from SOTW
Read about Eleanor of Aquitaine from Heroines: Great Women Through the Ages, Rebecca Hazell and Lives of Extraordinary Women, Kathleen Krull

The Story of Britain: Magna Carta, C. Walter Hodges

Week 16:

Read about the Diaspora from SOTW

Blessed are You: Traditional Everyday Hebrew Prayers, Michelle Edwards
Dance, Sing, Remember: A Celebration of Jewish Holidays, Leslie Kimmelman
The Golden City, Jerusalem's 3000 Year History, Neil Waldman
Masada, Neil Waldman
Milk and Honey, A Year of Jewish Holidays, Jane Yolen

Read about the Mongols in SOTW
Read about Ghingis Khan in Child's Eye View of History
From Ten Kings, Meltzer, read about Kublai Khan

Chingis Khan, Demi

Week 17:

Read from SOTW re: China and Marco Polo
Read from People in the Past re: Marco Polo

The Silk Route: 7000 Miles of History, John S. Major
Ancient China, Robert Nicholson
Marco Polo and the Wonders of the East, Hal Marcovitz

Week 18:

Read about early Russia in SOTW
From Kings and Queens for God, read about Vladimir and Anastasia (Ivan the Terrible's wife)
Read about Russia from People in the Past

Read from SOTW re: the Ottoman Empire
Read from Kings and Queens for God re: Jadwiga (Poland) and Katarina (Sweden)

Week 19:

Read from SOTW re: the Plague
Read about plague from Katie Roden's Plague
Read from Life During the Black Death, John Dunn

Kids in the Middle Ages, Lisa Wroble

Week 20:

Read about the Hundred Years' War in SOTW; Henry V; Joan of Arc
Read about children in France before its revolution from How Children Lived
Read from Women in Medieval Times, Fiona Macdonald

Joan of Arc, Angela Bull (DK)

Week 21:

Read from SOTW re: Wars of the Roses

The Middle Ages, Jane Shuter
Completed Women in Medieval Times

Week 22:

Read from SOTW re: uniting of Spain; Isabel
Read about Isabel in Lives of Extraordinary Women, Kathleen Krull
Read about growing up in Spain from How Children Lived
Read about Isabel in Ten Queens, Milton Meltzer

Isabella of Castille: Queen on Horseback, Joann Burch

Week 23:

Read about Medieval Africa in SOTW
Read from Child's Eye View about Benin
Read from People in the Past about the Ashanti
Read from How Children Lived about growing up in Mali
Read from Ten Kings about Mansa Musa
Read about Nzingha in Lives of Extraordinary Women

Traveling Man: The Journey of Ibn Battuta, James Rumford
Sundiata: Lion King of Mali, David Wisniewski
Mansa Musa, Khephra Burns

Week 24:

Read from SOTW re: Moghul India
Read from How Chidren Lived about growing up in Moghul India
Read from Great Events that Changed the World, Delf, re: Moghul Empire

Sacred River, Ted Lewin

Week 25:

Read about exploring the new world from SOTW

Where do you Think You're Going, Christopher Columbus? Jean Fritz
A Long and Uncertain Journey: the 27,000 Mile Voyage of Vasco da Gama, Joan Goodman
Who Really Discovered America?  Stephen Krensky
Forgotten Voyager, Ann Alper (Amerigo Vespucci)
The Great Adventure of Christopher Columbus, a Pop-up Book, Jean Fritz
Exploring the World: Magellan, Michael Burgan

Week 26:

Read from SOTW re: Aztecs, Incas, Mayans

Growing up in Aztec Times, Marion Wood
The Aztecs, Peter Chrisp
Hands of the Maya, Villagers at Work and Play, Rachel Crandell
The Incas, Tim Wood

Week 27:

Read about Spain and Portugal in the New World from SOTW (slavery, Cortes)
Read about the decline of the Aztec in Great Events that Changed the World, Brian Delf
Read from People in the Past re: newcomers in a new world
From Atlas of Exploration read about da Gama, Columbus, Magellan, Cortes and the Aztecs, Pizarro and the Incas, North American explorers and people, explorers and people of South America (I'm not sure, at this point, who the author of this book might be.....)

Cortes: Conqueror of Mexico, William Jacobs
The Middle Passage, Tom Feelings (caution!)

Week 28:

Read from SOTW re: Reformation (Luther; Henry VIII)

King Henry VIII, Robert Green
Luther the Leader, Virgil Robinson
A Medieval Cathedral, Fiona Macdonald

Week 29:

Read from SOTW re: the Renaissance
Journey Through History: The Renaissance, Carme Peris
Breaking into Print, Stephen Krensky
Gutenberg, Leonard Fisher
How a Book is Made, Aliki

Watched Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists: da Vinci and Rembrandt

Read from Lives of the Artists re: Peter Bruegel, Sofonisba Anguissola, and Rembrandt van Rijn
(Kathleen Krull)

Week 30:

Read from SOTW re: Reformation and Counter-reformation

Leonardo da Vinci, Diane Stanley
Michelangelo, Diane Stanley
Introducing Michelangelo, Robin Richmond

Week 31:

Read about Copernicus, Galileo, etc. in SOTW

Leonardo da Vinci, Norman Marshall
Science in the Renaissance, Brendan January
Galileo, Fisher

Week 32:

Read about Elizabeth in SOTW
From Ten Queens, read about Elizabeth I
From To Be a Princess, read "Rival Sisters" re: Mary and Elizabeth

Good Queen Bess, Diane Stanley

Week 33:

Read from SOTW re: Shakespeare
Read from A Child's Eye View of History re: Shakespeare's England

Bard of Avon, Diane Stanley
A Child's Portrait of Shakespeare, Lois Burdett

Week 34:

Read from SOTW re: Sir Walter Raleigh and Virginai Colony of Roanoke

Sir Walter Raleigh, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

Week 35:

Read from SOTW re: Cartier/Cabot

John Cabot and the Rediscovery of North America, Charles Shields
Famous Explorers: Jacques Cartier, Jeff Donaldson-Forbes

Week 36:

Read "Empires Collide" from SOTW re: Spain and England

Fast Forward: Shipwreck, Claire Aston
See Inside a Galleon, Jonathan Rutland
Exploring the World: Cartier, Jean Blashfield
Inside Story: A Sixteenth Century Galleon, Richard Humble

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