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Third Grade History/Reading/Literature

I have tried to print this list in past, with no success.  Something is wonky with the settings and it never shows up correctly online....  Trying again....

Third Grade History/Reading/Literature

Books arranged by SOTW III Chapters/Topics:

SOTW Chapter 1, Holy Roman Empire and Riches of Spain

Usborne: Hapsburgs
Kings and Queens for God: Maria Theresa of Austria
Read from Christmas in Spain, World Book
The Sad Night: the story of an Aztec victory and a Spanish loss, Sally Matthews
Spanish Food and Drink, Maria Pellicer
Lost Treasure of the Inca, Peter Lourie (good)


The Travels of Francisco Pizarro, Lara Bergen
The Two Mountains: An Aztec Legend, Eric Kimmel
Don Quixote, Michael Harrison (we both read from this)


Anno’s Spain, Mitsumasa Anno
The Legend of El Dorado, Beatriz Vidal
Three Swords for Grenada, Walter Myers

SOTW Chapter 2, Protestant Rebellions

Herstory, Ruth Ashby: Mary, Queen of Scots
Enchantment of the World: Germany, Jean Blashfield - selections pertinent to time period
The Netherlands: Enchantment of the World, Martin Hintz - selections
Masters of Art: Rembrandt and Seventeenth-Century Holland, Claudio Pescio


Katje The Windmill Cat, Gretchen Woelfle
The Boy Who Held Back the Sea, Thomas Locker


Always Room for One More, Sorghe Nic Leodhas

SOTW Chapter 3, King James

Usborne - the Discovery of the Americas and the Elizabethans
The Colony of Virginia, Brooke Coleman
James Towne: Struggle for Survival, Marcia Sewall (good)
Stories from the New Testament, Kate Leitch (good)

From National Geo's Mysteries of History, we read about the First European Visitors to the New World, El Dorado and the Lost Colony of Roanoke

A History of Britain through Art, Jillian Powell - pertinent portions
Adventures in Colonial America: Jamestown, New World Adventure, James Knight


The Value of Curiosity: The Story of Christopher Columbus, Spencer Johnson
The Lord is My Shepherd, Tasha Tudor
Turn! Turn! Turn! Wendy Halperin

Pocahontas, D'Aulaires

SOTW Chapter 4, Northwest Passage

The Travels of Samuel de Champlain, Joanne Mattern
Life of the Powhatan, Bobbie Kalman
Portions of Canada the Culture, Bobbie Kalman
The MicMac, Ruth Whitehead (good)


Beyond the Sea of Ice: The Voyages of Henry Hudson, Joan Goodman
Life in a Longhouse Village, Bobbie Kalman
Our Strange New Land, Patricia Hermes


From Our Favorite Stories, read The Coming of Raven, a Canadian Tale
The Broken Blade, William Durbin (VERY good!)

SOTW Chapter 5, Japan’s Warlords

Japan the Land, Bobbie Kalman
Look What Came From Japan, Miles Harvey
A True Book: Japan, Ann Heinrichs


Sword of the Samurai, Eric Kimmel (good)

SOTW Chapter 6, New World Colonies

Blue Feather's Vision, James Knight
Three Young Pilgrims, Cheryl Harness
Places in Time, pertinent portions, Elspeth Leacock
From Mysteries of History, read about King George III
From A Child's Eye View of History, read about the Pilgrims
1621, A New Look at Thanksgiving, Grace and Bruchac
Sailing to America: Colonists at Sea, James Knight

From the Library of the Pilgrims, Susan Whitehurst, read:

A Plymouth Partnership: Pilgrims and Native Americans
William Bradford and Plymouth: A Colony Grows
Plymouth: Surviving the First Winter

Watched VHS, Colonial Life: Plimoth Plantation


Pilgrims of Plymouth, Susan Goodman
On the Mayflower, Kate Waters
An Early American Christmas, Tomie DePaola
On the Day Peter Stuyvesant Sailed into Town, Arnold Lobel
Finding Providence: The Story of Roger Williams, Avi
The First Thanksgiving, J.C. George
If You Lived in Colonial Times, Ann McGovern
Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrims, Clyde Bulla

In 1492, Jean Marzollo
Ox-Cart Man, Donal Hall (a perennial favorite)
Echoes of the Elders, by Chief Lelooska, ed. Christine Normandin
Spirit of the Cedar People, same author as above (both have stories told by Chief Lelooska on CD)

SOTW Chapter 7, Rise of Slave Trade to Americas

Let's Talk about Smoking, Elizabeth Weitzman
The Strength of these Arms: Life in the Slave Quarters, Raymond Bial
Amistad Rising, Veronica Chambers
The Yoruba of West Africa, Calliope


Africa Dream, Eloise Greenfield
To Be a Drum, Evelyn Coleman
The Benin Kingdom of West Africa, John Peffer-Engels

In the Hollow of Your Hand: Slave Lullabies, Alice McGill (with songs on CD) (Good)
 In the Time of the Drums, Kim Siegelson
The Village that Vanished, Ann Grifalconi (good)

SOTW Chapter 8, Persian and the Ottoman Turks

Usborne, Persia and Ottoman Turks
First Reports: Iran, Robin Doak
Mosque, Macaulay


One Riddle, One Answer, Lauren Thompson


Read stories from A Treasury of Turkish Folktales for Children, Barbara Walker

SOTW Chapter 9, 30 Years’ War

Outrageous Women of the Renaissance, Vicki Leon, re: Christina of Denmark
Look What Came from Germany, Kevin Davis
Great Composers, Piero Ventura
Read from Denmark in Pictures, Lerner Publications
Germany the People, Bobbie Kalman (Kathryn Lane)


The Glass Mountain, Diane Wolkstein
The Hero of Bremen, Margeret Hodges
Battle of the Beasts, Diz Wallis
Rapunzel, Paul Zelinsky
The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Robert Browning
Read from Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Little Brother and Little Sister, Bernadette Watts
Little Red Cap, Lisbeth Zwerger
Seven at One Blow, Eric Kimmel

SOTW Chapter 10, Ming China and Japan in Isolation

Read from China the Land, Bobbie Kalman
Read from Made in China: Ideas and Inventions from Ancient China, Suzanne Williams
Children of China, an artist’s journey, Song Nan Zhang (good!)
Read from Japan the Culture, Bobbie Kalman
Read from Moonbeams, Dumplings and Dragon Boats, Nina Simonds, et al
Shipwrecked! Rhoda Blumberg
Read from Eyewitness Buddhism re: Buddhism in China and Japan


Made in China, Deborah Nash
Ten Suns, Eric Kimmel
The Boy of the Three Year Nap, Dianne Snyder
Usborne Stories from Around the World


The Paper Dragon, Marguerite Davol
The Cat Who Went to Heaven, Elizabeth Coatsworth (longtime favorite!)

SOTW Chapter 11, Moghul India

Usborne, Moghuls
Look What Came From India, Miles Harvey
Monsoon, Uma Krishnaswami
Read from Great Events that Changed the World, re: Moghul India
Read from Eyewitness India
The Taj Mahal, Christine Moorcroft


Read The Snake Charmer from Stories from Around the World, Usborne
Read The Birth of Krishna from Our Favorite Stories

SOTW Chapter 12, England and Cromwell’s Rebellion

Usborne, life in Europe from 1600-1700
Read Daily Life in Ancient and ModernLondon , Ray Webb (up to 1800)
The Great Fire of London of 1666, Megdalena Alagna

SOTW Chapter 13, The Sun King

From Ten Kings, read about Louis XIV
How Children Lived, read about pre-revolution France
Look What Came From France, Miles Harvey
Usborne First Book of France, Louisa Somerville
The Inside-Outside Book of Paris, Roxie Munro
The World in the Time of Marie Antoinette, Fiona Macdonald


The Turnip, Walter de la Mare
The Three Musketeers, Great Illustrated Classics
The Cat Who Walked Across France,
Crepes by Suzette, Monica Wellington


Read from Favorite Stories, Puss in Boots

SOTW Chapter 14, Prussia

Usborne, read about Prussia
George Handel, Mike Venezia (good)
Germany, Catherine and John Bradley, read the spread on Prussian beginnings
Introducing Bach, Roland Vernon
Listened to Hallelujah Handel on tape
Mr. Bach Comes to Call, listened to tape


The Hole in the Dike, Norma Green


The Water of Life, Barbara Rogasky (Grimm)

SOTW Chapter 15, North American Conflicts between Settlers/Indians

From A Day in the Life Series, Kathy Wilmore, read:

Colonial Innkeeper


Frontier Kentucky, Robert Powell
Read from Traces (another Ky. history book)
A Farmer Boy Birthday, Laura Ingalls Wilder, adapted w/ illus. By Jody Wheeler
The Year at Mapel Hill Farm, Alice and Martin Provensen


Listened to The Boy Who Lived with the Bears and Other Iroquois Stories, Joe Bruchac

SOTW Chapter 16, New World Conflict

A Colonial Quaker Girl, Megan O'Hara
Kids in Colonial Times, Lisa Wroble
The Iroquois, Petra Press
The Iroquois, Virginia Sneve
Struggle for a Continent, Betsy Maestro (good)
A Day in the Life of a Colonial Blacksmith, Kathy Wilmore


Ghosts of Salem and Other Tales, Richard Starbuck


Listened to unabridged Farmer Boy, Wilder

SOTW Chapter 17, Age of Reason and Agricultural Revolution

Galileo, Jacqueline Mitton
Growing Seasons, Elsie Splear
Why Doesn’t the Earth Fall Up? Vicki Cobb
How to Think Like a Scientist, Stephen Kramer


Gulliver in Lilliput, Margaret Hodges
Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift (Young Readers, Usborne)

SOTW Chapter 18, Russia

Ten Kings, read about Peter the Great


A Weave of Words, Robert D. San Souci
Look What Came from Russia, Miles Harvey
Read from Folktales of the Amur, Dmitri Nagishkin (we both read from this)


The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship, Arthur Ransome
The Contest, Nonny Hogrogian
The Sea King’s Daughter, Aaron Shepard (good)
Read from Forests of the Vampire

SOTW Chapter 19, Ottoman Turks

Read from Eyewitness Islam
Read from Cultures of the World: Turkey, Sean Sheehan


Count Your Way Through the Arab World, Jim Haskins

SOTW Chapter 20, British Rule in India

India the Culture, Bobbie Kalman
From Kings and Queens for God, read about Victoria
Read from Enchantment of the World: India, Sylvia McNair


Read from Just So Stories, Kipling (Moser, illus.)

SOTW Chapter 21, China and its many Domains

The Dalai Lama, Demi
Journey Through China, Philip Steele
Vietnam the Land, Bobbie Kalman
Read from Taiwan in Pictures, Ling Yu (Lerner Publications)


Dragons, Lucille Penner
The Emperor and the Kite, Jane Yolen
The Nightingale, Jerry Pinkney
Ming Lo Moves the Mountain, Arnold Lobel
Look What Came from China, Miles Harvey


Children of the Dragon, Sherry Garland (re: Vietnam) (VERY good!)
Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like, Jay Williams (good)
Eyes of the Dragon, Margaret Leaf (good)
The Last Dragon, Susan Nunes (good)
Listened to The Emperor and the Nightingale, Hans Christian Anderson (illus. Robert Van Nutt)

SOTW Chapter 22, American Patriots; America on brink of War, etc.

Samuel Adams, Stuart Kallen
Sam and John Adams, Susan and John Lee
The Revolutionary John Adams, Cheryl Harness (good)
George Washington, D'Aulaires
Crossing the Delaware, Louise Peacock
George Washington, James Giblin
Paul Revere, Son of Liberty, Keith Brandt (good)
Davy Crockett, Young Pioneer, Laurence Santrey (good)
You Wouldn't Want to be a Pirate's Prisoner! John Malam (good)

Continuing into next week:

The Story of Davy Crockett, Frontier Hero, Walter Retan (good)
Great Events that Changed the World, Brian Delf (re: American Revolution)
Herstory: Women who Changed the World, Gloria Steinem (re: Deborah Samson)
Betsy Ross, Alexandra Wallner
The Liberty Tree: The Beginning of the American Revolution, Lucille Penner

The Eve of Revolution: The Colonial Adventures of Benjamin Wilcox, Barbara Burt (historical fiction)

The Secret Soldier: The Story of Deborah Samson, Ann McGovern (good)

Continuing into the next week:

From Places in Time, read pertinent portions
African Americans and the Revolutionary War: Journey to Freedom, Judith Harper (good)
George Washington Elected: How America's First President was Chosen, Allison Draper
The Bill of Rights, Patricia Quiri
From Mr. President: A Book of U.S. Presidents, George Sullivan, read about Washington and Adams
Old Ironsides: Americans Build a Fighting Ship, David Weitzman
Benjamin Franklin, D'Aulaires


Great Illustrated Classics version of Last of the Mohicans
Jack Jouett's Ride, Gail Haley
Molly Pitcher, an Gleiter and Kathleen Thompson
What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin? Jean Fritz
Will You Sign Here, John Hancock? Jean Fritz
A More Perfect Union: The Story of our Constitution, Betsy and Giulio Maestro
Sam the Minuteman, Nathaniel Benchley
Where was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? Jean Fritz


Indian Two Feet and His Horse, Margaret Friskey
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush, DePaola
Rat is Dead and Ant is Sad, Betty Baker
Giving Thanks, Chief Jake Swamp
The Windigo’s Return, Douglas Wood

SOTW Chapter 23, American Revolution and New Constitution/New President

Giants in the Land, Diana Appelbaum
The Boston Tea Party, Allison Draper
Read selections from The White House, An Illustrated History, Catherine Grace


Can't you Make them Behave, King George? Jean Fritz (goos, as are all her books!)
Skippack School, Marguerite de Angeli (good!)
Watched animated video of Ben and Me, base on book by Robert Lawson (good!)
Bound for Freedom, Ruth Chessman (good!)
Sign of the Beaver, Elizabeth George Speare (good!)
Mr. Rever and I, Robert Lawson (good!)

SOTW Chapter 24, Captain Cook, Australian Penal Colony and Aborigines

Read from The World’s Great Explorers: James Cook, Zachary Kent
Read about Cook from People in the Past


Captain Cook, Rebecca Levene

SOTW Chapter 25, French Revolution

People of the Past, read about French Revolution
Read about French Revolution from Great Events that Changed the World, Delf
Usborne, French Revolution
Child’s Eye View of History, read about French Revolution
Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette and the French Revolution, Nancy Plain
Sightseers: Paris 1789, Kingfisher
Redoute’, The Man Who Painted Flowers, Carolyn Croll


Marie Antoinette, Katie Daynes
Usborne Famous Lives: Napoleon, Lucy Lethbridge
Usborne Famous Lives: Nelson, Minna Lacey
The Mutiny on Board HMS Bounty, William Bligh, Great Illustrated Classics

SOTW Chapter 26, Catherine the Great of Russia

From Herstory, read about Catherine the Great
A Look at Russia, Helen Frost
Read from Russia in Pictures, Heron Marquez
Read from People of the Past re: Catherine


Kashtanka, Anton Chekhov
The Tale of the Firebird, Gennady Spirin (very good)

SOTW Chapter 27, Industrial Revolution

Read about the industrial revolution in Britain from:

Child’s Eye View of History
People in the Past
How Children Lived

Life on a Plantation, Bobbie Kalman
From Cotton to T‑Shirt, Robin Nelson
From Plant to Blue Jeans, Arthur L'Hommedieu
Read from 1000 Inventions and Discoveries, Roger Bridgman
Read from New Way Things Work, David Macaulay re: steam engines, etc.


Cotton Mill Town, Kathleen Hershey (I *think* this is US) 
Working Cotton, Sherley Williams
SOTW Chapter 28, Qing Dynasty

Read from Ancient China, Nature Company, re: Qing Dynasty
A Time of Golden Dragons, Song Nan Zhang, et al
Read about Qing personalities from Hoobler’s Chinese Portraits
Read from People’s Republic of China, Kim Dramer
Confucius: The Golden Rule, Russell Freedman


The Treasure Chest, A Chinese Tale, Rosalind Wang
The Junior Thunder Lord, Laurence Yep

SOTW Chapter 29,  Napoleon

Napoleon Bonaparte, Brian Williams
The Louisiana Purchase, Magdalena Alagna
Louisiana Purchase, Peter and Connie Roop
Napoleon, Alan Blackwood


Watched I, Crocodile, Fred Marcellino, about a crocodile Napoleon brought home to France, from Egypt

Read from Songs of Innocence and of Experience, Blake
Read from Lyrical Ballads, Wordsworth and Coleridge, The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner
A Visit to William Blake’s Inn, Nancy Willard

SOTW Chapter 30, Haitian Revolt

Read from Cultures of the World: Haiti, Roseline Cheong-Lum


Tap-Tap, Karen Williams
Toussaint L’Ouverture: The Fight for Haiti’s Freedom, Walter Myers


Read Haitian tales from How Animals Saved the People, J.J. Reneaux
Read from The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales, Diane Wolkstein
Pirate Diary: The Journal of Jake Carpenter, Richard Platt (very good!)

SOTW Chapter 31, Expansion of Industrialization


The Bobbin Girl, Emily McCully
The Story of an English Village, John Goodall

SOTW Chapter 32, Expansion of the West

Lewis and Clark: Explorers of the American West, Steven Kroll
From Heroines...., Rebecca Hazell, read about Sacagawea
Audubon, Jennifer Armstrong
The National Anthem, Patricia Quiri
The Star‑Spangled Banner, Peter Spier
Cowboys on the Western Trail, Eric Oatman
Incredible Wild West, Caroline Bingham
The Glorious Fourth at Prairietown, Joan Anderson
Don't Know Much About the Pioneers, Kenneth Davis


Meet Thomas Jefferson, Francene Sabin
Lafitte the Pirate, Ariane Dewey
Lewis and Clark: A Prairie Dog for the President, Shirley Redmond
The Story of Johnny Appleseed, Aliki
The Choctaw Nation, Allison Lassieur
Thomas Jefferson, Cheryl Harness
Thomas Jefferson: A Picture Book Biography, James Giblin
Dancing Drum: A Cherokee Legend, Terri Cohlene
The Star‑Spangled Banner, Catherine Welch
An American Army of Two, Janet Greeson
Sacajawea: Her True Story, Joyce Milton
The Choctaw, Emilie Lepthien
The Battle for St. Michael's, Emily McCully


Swamp Angel, Anne Isaacs
Sarah, Plain and Tall, Patricia Maclachlan (good)
Jim Brider's Alarm Clock, Sid Fleischman
Annie Oakley, James Kunstler (with tape)
High Elk's Treasure, Virginia Sneve
[Additional Titles read for World and then U.S. Geography studies.]

AND... Hoping that I can get this thing to print correctly this time, instead of all wonky....  I see that chapters 33 - end have disappeared on me entirely....  I will look for them, sorry!

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