Sunday, April 26, 2015

Second Grade Daily Schedule

This was my schedule with my younger son in second grade:

Bible - 8:00-8:30

Reading - 8:30-8:50

Literature - 8:50-9:10

Math - 9:10-9:30

Handwriting - 9:30-9:50

Phonics review, followed by Latin after a few weeks - 9:50-10:10

Spelling - 10:10-10:30

Grammar - 10:30-10:50

Math - 10:50-11:10

Geography - 11:10-11:30

Spanish - 11:30-11:50

Music and Movement - 11:50-12:00

Lunch 12-1

Science 1-2

History 2-3

Again, this of course got disrupted.  We didn't always do a full hour of both science and history every afternoon.  We had a lot of outside things going on.  But this was our "framework" to help us stay on course. 

We continued to do lots of outside field trips, as well as outside classes, co-ops, sports, etc.  In the first couple of months of this school year, we attended a class pertaining to the seasons at a local park (studying earth science); joined a Roots and Shoots group; visited Red River Gorge for a ranger led hike; visited the Falls of the Ohio for a ranger led hike (among other things); visited a local orchard for info on growing and harvesting of apples, bees and honey, etc.; visited Keeneland's yearling sale; and attended a naturalist program on the Kentucky River, near Shaker Village in addition to many other outside activities.  It CAN be done!  It may be messy and take a lot of work, but it can be done....


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