Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fourth Grade Art and Music Appreciation

Look how different this is from our third grade year!  (Posted earlier)  Every single year is like that....

Week 1:

Viewed the beautiful cinematography of National Geographic's "Arctic Tale."

(Probably better on the big screen....)

Continued with piano lessons for the year.

Played a song at the end of one of the Russian folktales we read.

Week 2:

Read a book on Giuseppe Verdi as we studied mid-1800's Italy.  Listened to some of his music.

Began preparing for recital.

Week 3:

Visited UK Art Museum for "Hidden Treasure Tour."

Week 4:

Visited Cincinnati Art Museum to see "From Sea to Shining Sea" touring art show.

Began year long art class for children, taught in the Mona Brooks style.  Weekly lessons.  (So I won't repeat this, but will just list other things we did....)

Week 5:

Participated in Cincinnati Museum Center's homeschool day "Treasures of the Whydah" (a pirate ship recently recovered from the sea).  Toured National Geographic "Whydah" exhibit.

Week 6:

Saw children's theatre play:  "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."

Week 9:

Attended "Dia de Los Muertos" ballet performance at Singletary.

Listened to Armenian music.

Week 10:

Visited Bi-water Farm for Autumnfest.  Enjoyed Halloween and Harvest décor in the outdoors on a lovely day!

Week 11:

Attended production of "Hana's Suitcase" (a play about WWII).

Week 12:

Saw theatre production of "Old Dry Frye."

Began attending free children's music class at Asbury (training for their music teacher students - 45 minutes, once weekly for six sessions).

Week 13:

Saw "Horse" art exhibit at Bluegrass airport.

Asbury music class.

Week 14:

Saw movie, "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" - visually beautiful!

(Another that's probably better on the big screen....)

Completed a "stuffed turkey" craft at the library.

Asbury music class.

Saw "Sugar Plum" ballet performance at library.

Week 15:

Read The Great Migration, which was filled with the modern art of Jacob Lawrence and a poem by Walter Dean Myers.

Saw a children's theatre version of "Alice in Wonderland" that was visually stunning!

Attended "Extreme Explorers" group at the library to learn about holidays and traditions around the world - created a rain stick.

Asbury music class.

Week 16:

End of art class until after Christmas.

Asbury music class.

Week 17:

Attended free art workshop (I have no idea where or what this was about now....)

Saw children's theatre play "Laura Ingall's Wilder Christmas."

Asbury music class (last).

Week 18:

Resumed drawing classes, once weekly for 90 minutes.

Visited Waveland state historic site - beautifully decorated home of the mid-1800's.


Listened to "Wee Sing for Christmas."

Played three songs in piano recital, including Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

Week 19:

Visited Lexington History Museum in the old downtown courthouse - great architecture!

Week 20:

Did "Extreme Explorers" group at the library re: Ancient Egypt.

Week 21:

Piano lessons resumed after Christmas.

Week 22:

Attended "Pecos Bill and Slue Foot Sue" theatre production.

Week 23:

Helped make table décor for Blue and Gold Banquet, Cub Scouts.

Attended Valentine's party.

Week 24:

Saw "Spiderwick Chronicles" - beautiful cinematography.

Week 26:

Saw "10,000 B.C. - Modern Take on Ancient Fables" - well done.

Week 27:

Saw Roald Dahl's "BFG" play production (visually very exciting and a little scary!)

Attended Singletary's orchestral performance "Lincoln: The Man and His Music."

Week 28:

Read and discussed: 

Zin! Zin! Zin! AViolin, Lloyd Moss and What Makes an Orchestra, Jan Balet.


Week 29:

Read Look!  Zoom in on Art!, Gillian Wolfe, and discussed.

Attended third year of "Hogwart's School" at Cincinnati Zoo - very theatrical!

Week 30-31:

Continued with piano lessons and theory work.  Did a short study on Haydn at this time.

Week 32:

Listened to "Gift of the Tortoise."  (One of my all-time FAVORITE children's CD's of music - by Ladysmith Black Mambazo.)

Week 33:

Last art class for year.

Week 34:

Listened to "Cool Jazz" CD of Charlie Parker on sax.

Week 35:

Listened to "Cool Jazz" CD of Miles Davis on trumpet.

Week 36:

Watched "Sister Wendy's Story of Painting:  Modernism."  (Very good, as are all her videos!)  I don't know if these have been updated to play on CD....

Soooooo....  What would this year be?  The year of Cinematography and Art Lessons?  Sampling the world, musically speaking?

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