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Additional Resources for Ninth Grade Great Books Study


Usborne Ancient World, Fiona Chandler

Use Mark-It Map of Ancient Civilizations all year

Various Mesopotamian Kingdoms:

To ride the Gods’ Own Stallion, Diane Lee Wilson – Assyria (Nineveh), 640 BC

Nebuchadnezzar, Scourge of Zion, Mark Healy – Babylonia, after 630 to 562 BC

Science in Ancient Mesopotamia, Carol Moss – general for the area – covers the period from about 5000 BC to about 300 BC

From Eyewitness Bible Lands:  pages 48-49 “The Assyrians” 2000 BC – 722 BC
Pages 50-51 “The Babylonians” 2000 BC – 700 BC
Pages 52-53 “The Persians” 2000 BC to 539 BC

The Mediterranean:

Mysterious Places:  The Mediterranean, Philip Wilkinson and Jacqueline Dineen:

Tarxien, Malta 3600-2500 BC

Knossos, Crete 2000-1450 BC

Mycenae, Greece 650 BC – 150 AD

Delphi, Greece 650 BC – 150 AD

Epidaurus, Greece 320 BC – 150 AD

Rhodes, Greece 280 – 226 BC

Leptis Magna, Libya 46 BC – 211 AD

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey 360-537 AD (probably do with Medieval…)

The First Europeans, Renzo Rossi and Andrea Due’
“Mediterranean Voyagers” – 1101-474 BC
“The Carthaginians” – 600’s-400’s BC


DK Amazing Pop-up, Pull-out Mummy Book, David Hawcock -
1300’s BC - Tutankhamun

Ancient Egypt: Life, Myth, and Art, Joann Fletcher - 3100-1285 BC

Eyewitness Ancient Egypt, George Hart 3000 BC – 324 AD – general

From Eyewitness Bible Lands, pages 12-13 “Egypt”  - 1550-1166 BC

Great Books not on our reading list:  Egyptian Book of the Dead – 1200’s BC – Library and online source:


Great Books not on our reading list: 

The Rig-Veda – 1300’s BC  – Library

The Bhagavad Gita – 500’s BC - Library

Buddhist Scriptures – 200’s AD


Great Books not on our reading list: 

Confucius: Analects – 500’s BC – Library

Lou Tzu:  Tao Te Ching – 500’s BC – Library

Sun Tzu: The Art of War – 500’s BC - Library

The Holy Land:

Eyewitness Bible Lands - 10,000 BC through modern – general

Herod the Great, Robert Green – 134 BC – 6 AD

Masada, Neil Waldman – story: 66-194 AD; discovery: 1838-1963

The Story of Masada, Yigael Yadin – same as above

The Holy Land, Peter Connolly – Herod through the fall of Masada

Our Young Folks’ Josephus: Antiquities of the Jews; The Jewish Wars, William Shepard w/ CD – 2078 BC through 70 AD

The Temple at Jerusalem, From Solomon to Herod, and Beyond, Jacqueline Morley and John James – 2000 BC to modern

Joshua, Conqueror of Canaan, Mark Healy – 2134-1186 BC

King David, Warlord of Israel, Mark Healy – 1020-960 BC


DK Great Wonders of the World, Russell Ash – 2551 to modern – may do each featured work with its civilization or do all together:

Great Pyramid
Zeus at Olympia
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The Colossus of Rhodes
The Pharos at Alexandria
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
Wonders of Worship:  Wailing Wall; Shwe Dagon Pagoda?  Meenakshi Temple?
More Ancient Wonders:  Pompeii; The Acropolis; Stonehenge; The Great Wall
Wonders of Engineering:  Pont du Gard
The Wonder of Seven

Seven Wonders Worksheets


The First Europeans, Renzo Rossi and Andrea Due’ – 1500-600 BC

The Ancient Greece of Odysseus, Peter Connolly – 1400-1100 BC

The Parthenon, How it was Built and how it was Used, Peter Chrisp – 1000 BC to modern

VHS: Philosophy and Government: the World in Greek Times – 25 minutes, with study guide 399 – 192 BC

VHS: Daily Life in the Ancient World: Classical Greece – 35 minutes

DK Alexander the Great, Legend of a Warrior King, Peter Chrisp – main story is 356-323 BC

The Ancient World: Greece, Robert Hull
Chapter 2: Cretes, Minoans, Mycenaeans – 40,000-800 BC
Greeks:  776-31 BC

Greece activity book

Great Books not on our reading list:

Aesop: Fables – 600’s BC

Apollonius: Jason and the Argonauts – 200’s BC

Julius Caesar: Gallic Wars – 100’s BC

Livius: War with Hannibal – 100’s BC

Books that might fit with science studies for the year:

Euclid: The Elements – 300’s BC
Archimedes: The Works- 200’s BC
Ptolemy: The Almagest – 100’s BC


The First Europeans, Renzo Rossi and Andrea Due’
Italy and the Tyrrhenian Islands; Etruscans; Rise of Rome

DK Revealed: Ancient Rome, Peter Chrisp – 300 BC to 284 AD

Rome in Spectacular Cross-Section, Stephen Biesty – 128 AD

Hannibal, Robert Green – 264-146 BC

The Colosseum, how it was Built and how it was Used, Peter Chrisp – 73 BC to modern

The Legionary, Peter Connolly – 150 BC – 150 AD

The Cavalryman, Peter Connolly – 101-117 AD

The Roman Fort, Peter Connolly – 43-117 AD

The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of the Roman World, Fiona Chandler, et al – 1000 BC – 476 AD

Eyewitness Ancient Rome – 753 BC – 410 AD

Pompeii, Peter Connolly – 59-79 AD

The Ancient World: Rome, Sean Sheehan and Pat Levy – 753 BC – 476 AD

Famous Men of Rome, Greenleaf, w/ guide – 753 BC – 476 AD

Rome: A Fold-out History of the Ancient Civilization, Leigh Grant -

Rome Activity guide

Great Books not on our reading list:

Juvenal: The Sixteen Satires – 100’s AD

Marcus Aurelius: Meditations – 100’s AD

Great Books that might fit with science reading:

Galen: On the Natural Faculties – 100’s AD

Loose maps related to the Roman world and the spread of Christianity.

Other European Groups:

The First Europeans, Renzo Rossi and Andrea Due’:

Central Europe in the Bronze and Iron Ages
Nordic Europe in the Bronze Age
The British Isles
The Iberians
The Scythians

Hadrian’s Wall Jackdaw

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