Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 22 Daily Work....

Our regular schedule of written work continues per usual.  I won't continue to bore you with details of that. 

I am thankful that my son's lit/writing teacher has finally graded him a little harder.  The last paper he did came back filled with comments.  She still gave him a good grade (better than I would have given), but I guess that helped buffer the shock of the feedback, LOL.  He complained, but hopefully he will do a better job on the longer paper that he is now working on.  He's got to get crackin' on it this weekend so that it will be finished for next week (4-5 pages, typed).

We didn't do much in chemistry again this week, either.  We just managed to complete chapter 3 in The Elements.  I've got to get mini-marshmallows for next week so we can model atoms!  I got in the book for the real chemistry labs that he will start in March - can't wait! 

Book cover of Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments

Music lessons, chess, and physical activities continued per usual, too.  We continue to get snow at intervals and to miss some classes due to road problems.  We missed both Spanish and his lit/writing class this week (although we emailed in the work).  I'll be really, really glad for spring to come this year!

On the history/lit front, we've already been talking about the run up to the French Revolution earlier this year, and this week we've finally actually gotten to it in earnest.

My son read SOTW chapter 25 this week.  We completed some map work and other activities from the SOTW Activity Guide that we haven't had time to get to in weeks past.  We compared our Declaration of Independence with The Declaration of the Rights of Man.  He's been working through the civics related activities in the book Washington's Farewell Address, which we started last week.  And we read excerpts of Washington's inaugural address, as well....

In introducing the subject for the week, I read from our encyclopedias and People in the Past (see last week's report), as well as A Child's Eye View of History, Fiona Macdonald; Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette and the French Revolution, Nancy Plain; and Helen Williams and the French Revolution, Jane Shuter (primary source).

Helen Williams and the French Revolution (History Eyewitness)
A Child's Eye View of History: Discover History Through the Experiences of Children From the PastBuy Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette And The French Revolution

He read Sightseers: Parish 1789, Kingfisher, Marie Antoinette, Usborne, and is also reading several books on Mozart.  I began reading The Lacemaker and the Princess, Kimberly Bradley, as well as continuing books we already have underway.

Paris 1789: A Guide to Paris on the Eve of the Revolution (Sightseers Essential Travel Guides to the Past)Marie Antoinette (Famous Lives Gift Books) by Katie Daynes
The Lacemaker and the Princess

He's watching The Scarlet Pimpernel tonight and I also have A Tale of Two Cities checked out to watch this weekend.

He played soccer tonight and has another game tomorrow morning - then we finally will have a chance to go see The Eagle!  I can't wait (I hope I'm not disappointed)!

We're also gearing up to see STOMP! the week after next at Centre - can't wait!



Hillary said...

sounds like a great week!

WildIris said...

Thanks for including the books. The Lacemaker....sounds interesting.I'm interested in following your blog to read how the research paper turns out.
Happy Weekend!

Mrs. Brooke said...

That does sound like a good week, good job!

Oh, so excited for you to see STOMP!

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