Monday, February 14, 2011

More on Art Resources....

I failed to mention the details on a couple of the resources I listed for our art study.  The Art Paks I mention, especially toward the end of the study, are Art Activity Packs by Mila Boutan, Chronicle Books.  I believe I obtained mine from Rainbow Resource Center, although they are available elsewhere, as well:

Picasso (Art Activity Pack) CoverVan Gogh Art Activity Pack by Mila Boutan (1996, Paperback)

These include art activity suggestions and many of them include a poster.  They suggest coloring it, but we have used these to experiment with painting in the style of the artists.

I am also using a Barron's publication from their Famous Artists series to end the year.  Miro, by Nicholas Ross is the book I'm using, but many of the books in this series are done by Antony Mason.  Jen Green and Andrew Hughes are other authors in the series....  These books include not only history and a lot of pictures, but also a lot of project suggestions in the style of the artist.

Miro (Famous Artists)

The Month-by-Month Masterpieces book is by Bobbi Chertok, Goody Hirshfeld, and Marilyn Rosh, Scholastic Publishing.  It comes with large, full color posters of 10 works of art (on 5 pages, double-sided).

Month-By-Month Masterpieces (Grades 2-6)A brief bio is given of each artist, study questions regarding their work of art are provided for discussion purposes, and then there is a suggested project in the style of the artist.


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