Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 23 Work....

We're having a lovely spring-like week here!  Hope all are enjoying the sunshine as we are....

I'm working on curriculum for another time right now and am just finishing up a music appreciation course.  I have to remember not to mention references to it when we're doing history and lit, LOL.  I keep forgetting that we're not doing the music work yet....

For this week, we continued our same routine for Bible, geography, math, language arts and languages.  My son finished up his longer paper for his lit/writing course and turned that in on Thursday.  I'm hopeful that he did a better job on it than the last paper.  I guess we'll see next week....

He also continued his same routine for his music lessons, P.E., and chess.  He's finishing up indoor soccer now, with his last game next weekend.  Outdoor practices will be starting soon!

We reviewed chapter 8 in Friendly Chemistry this week and completed chapter 9.  He did some of the exercises that go along with past chapters for review purposes.  We played Ion Bingo.  He's almost finished with his Atom workbook and also completed another chapter in the Tiner book.

Here's what we've been doing lately for history and literature:

I finished up reading from Helen Williams and the French Revolution, begun last week. 

I believe I mentioned that my son was reading several books about Mozart last week, but I didn't name them.  They included Mozart Tonight, Julie Downing; Famous Children: Mozart, Ann Rachlin; and Mozart: Scenes from the Childhood of the Great Composer, Catherine Brighton.

Mozart TonightMozart

For history this week, we studied about Catherine the Great and Russia during the first part of the week.  I read from all our standard encyclopedic type books by way of introduction to the subject, and also read about Catherine from Ten Queens, Milton Meltzer.  I read pertinent portions of Cultures of the World: Russia, Oleg Torchinsky; and from Russia in Pictures, Heron Marquez.

Buy RussiaRussia in Pictures (Visual Geography. Second Series)

My son read First Reports: Russia, Susan Gray. He read a Baba Yaga story from Usborne Stories from Around the World.  From Best-Loved Folktales of the World, Joanna Cole, Ed., he read:

The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship
The Baba Yaga
The Firebird, the Horse of Power and the Princess Vasilissa
The Story of King Frost
Prince Hedgehog
The Treasure
Woe  (all Russian tales)

Russia (First Reports - Countries series)Usborne stories from around the worldBest-Loved Folktales of the World by Joanna Cole

I started reading Koshka's Tales, James Mayhew, and The Story of Siegfried, James Baldwin.

Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia   Buy The Story Of Siegfried

 The story of Siegfried is also available as a free book online at several places.

At the end of the week, we began studying the Industrial Revolution.  I again began with reading from the various encyclopedic works we own.  I also began reading from The Industrial Revolution 1800-1850, Pier Paolo Poggio and Carlo Simoni.  We will be continuing studying this topic all next week.

I believe that pretty much sums up our week....


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Anonymous said...

I love coming to your blog and seeing what you are reading. I always get so many great ideas from you.

We are getting ready to study Russia. I am off to amazon to look up the books you used this week. Thanks!

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